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October 30 2002

(SPOILER) Buffy Star Dead Again Joss Whedon says that Amber Benson and Fox have been unable to reach a deal for her to return to the show.

Article also include spoilers for Willow too.

I hate learning how external factors such as contract negotiations impact the Buffyverse.

And it's sad that Tara won't be back. I didn't like her when she was first introduced, but by the sixth season... I was upset when she died, and now in Season Seven, I find myself missing her.

Oh, and one more thing: I realize that it would be lame for them to have Willow go back to guys now, but she is bi, I don't care what any of them say. All the proof you need is in The Wish and Doppelgangland. As VampXander said to VampWillow, "You like all the parts." Yes, she does. VampWillow wanted to be in a Xander/non-VampWillow sandwich in the biggest way, and you know it.

And if anyone wants to argue that VampWillow (or any vampire version of a person) doesn't reflect non-VampWillow (or any non-vampire version of a vampire), bring it on.

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Perhaps Oz was just a really ugly girl???? ;)
I totally agree that Willow is Bi. If she was just gay, I don't think she would have been doing the nasty with Oz as long as she did. Although if they suddenly gave her a boyfriend it would look like they're saying it was just a phase. So, if her next girlfriend get's whacked,or turns into a psycho, maybe they can give her a boyfriend, that's acceptable I think.
Having her return would just fan the flames with her fans even more, I think, I don't think anything ME would do now would appease them. And I'm so fucking tired of the whole W/T debate, I'm almost glad she's not returning. It's sad that it seems to be about money, though. I hope there's a little bit of 'this storyline is not interesting enough for me to come back' in it as well.
Amber wasn't to return as Tara but in a different role, right?
i totally agree with the "willow is bi" thing.

as any fan of W/O would! it was more than clear that the reason willow and tara worked out is because willow was openminded about it.

i think joss is just afraid of the big bad GLAAD. the gay community rained terror down on joss and co. after tara's death, and ME made it clear that they were VERY sorry. (they claimed that they didn't know that willow and tara were the only "realistic" gay couple on TV.) and, in an act of surrender, they promised that willow would be full-on gay from that point on.

the problem is that willow's character hasn't ever seemed "gay" to me (and lots of other people)... just openminded about who she was allowed to love.
"the gay community rained terror down on joss and co. after tara's death"

... perhaps better to say "some members of the gay community who were Tara/Willow fans"?
from interviews i've read, ME claims to have received lots of letters from homosexual people who weren't even fans of the show, but supported the idea of W/T.
and all the prominent gay/lesbian media outlets (magazines, websites, etc...) had articles chastising btvs's creators, calling them callous and uncaring. it was big news.

thus, my saying "the gay community".

and also, by "terror", i didn't literally mean terror. (since we're being very PC.) i meant that certain kind of pressure that gets things accomplished, sometimes by employing harsh means.
like accusing joss of being a homophobic hater of gay and lesbian people so he has little choice but to kowtow to them. even though just CREATING that loving relationship between two people of the same sex showed how much respect he does have for the gay community.
I didn't think The Advocate article was that heavy on them, plus they got the chance to defend themselves.

Also, the biggest voice in all of this was the community at the Kitten board that, in all fairness to them, did state they didn't think Joss was homophobic.

What gets on my nerves is some fans who are perpetuating the discussion. It's done. Move on.

... and look at us, now we're doing some perpetuating ourselves.

So anyway, no Amber this season. Good. I'd like to focus on core Scoobies anyway.

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I don't think Joss is afraid of anything. If he says Willow's gay, well, then she is. It's his character, his creation and his show. Not yours.
I understand your feelings though, didn't she look hot in the last ep? ;-P
She did think Giles was sexy after Gay-Now. I'd like to see an horribly dramatic and emotional resolution to the willow/xander thing.

But, then... willow+anya? yum. YUM! They could have emotional hate-sex!

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