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May 15 2004

More unaired WF episodes to come. High demand for exec producer Todd Holland's showings of a pair of unaired 'sodes have forced organizers to sked another date, with two additional 'sodes. I think I'm moving to L.A.

By the way, unaired episodes 6 and 7 can be found on the net..I guess it's not legal here to say it?
They are really great and funny , especially episode 7!
How could anyone cancel a fabulous show as this :( I just hope we will get to see the other unaired episodes on the net or better on dvd.
Is there anywhere to get them that is NOT a torrent? Those take a day or more to download, and I'm on a cable modem.
Shouldn't take that long on cable, I'm on broadband and they only took me 3 hours. Usually with torrents they take a while to get going, if it's still really slow after about half an hour, it probably isnt going to speed up, but they usually have by then.

Other ways, one of the boards had someone saying they'd put them on Kazaa.
Waaah! I want to watch! My problem is that I'm on a Mac laptop and every time I try to download anything like an episode of a tv show, it's in a format that I can't watch. Grr. Anyone know of any solutions?
You probably need both DivX Codec and the XVid codec, which can be found for by searching for it on Yahoo, or if you can't find that you can email me and I'll send it to you.

You'll also need some kind of Media player, like Windows Media Player, find it here, or Real Player, find it here, there are other media players, I like Real Player the best. They are two great episodes, so it's worth the hastle.

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Ghost Spike, what do you use to download them? I have been trying BitTorrent, but can't seem to get the files to download faster than 12 Kb (yup, KB!!) per minute. That's rediculously slow, especailly on cable. Could it be because I'm in NY instead of the UK? That's still rediculously slow for that.
I do use bit torrent, but I don't use the official client, I use this (2.97 megs). It's a little better because it lets you see how many people you are connected to, how many people are seeding the file, and lets you control how much you want to upload, I have it set on DSL/slow and get a pretty constant speed of about 50-56kb/s after a few minutes.
Anyone been able to find episode 5 anywhere?
Does anyone know if a DVD of all the episodes will be released?

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