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May 15 2004

Ulster date for stars from Buffy spin-off. Andy Hallett and Keith Szararabajka will visit Northern Ireland for the first time for "Apocalypse" in Belfast, while Clare Kramer makes a return appearance.

Dang it. Why couldn't they go at the beginning of August when I'll be in Ireland for a week!!! Grr-Arrgh indeed :-p
Heh, it's almost like this was meant just for me.
Give Andy a big kiss from me.
Lucky you Simon.

I was thinking just the other day, (while watching a Holtz ep on TNT) that it would be so cool to meet Keith. His voice is so deeply resonant. And I love the shades of gray that Holtz inhabits.

Great character. If you can nab a photo of the both of you, will you post it? Come to think of it, many photos? Lots of us Yanks won't have a bitty bit of opportunity to be there...
I Like the name of the convention!

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