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May 15 2004

Whedon Speaks. Transcript of Whedon's Interview in Entertainment Weekly.

Covers not only the end of Ats but also X-men, Buffy, & Serenity. Also reveals his favorite season of AtS & BTVS.

So sad that there isn't any news of a spin-off. :(
Now this is the kind of spoiler that I like: "The last thing you will see of Angel is the last thing you should see."

Joss is so my hero.
I hated that it made the buffyverse sound so final... so ending-like. Maybe that's not the impression that Joss was trying to give... but that's the spin the article gives. Joss talks about how bleak the TV market is right now (and he's right)... and doesn't know if what he's proposing (series of TV movies) is possible. I think TV movies would work, if they'd air them at the same time and not bounce them all over the timeslots and nights of the week... and I'm in agony for a spinoff. And... I don't really believe him when he says a cliffhanger is 'a crappy thing to do.' I'm unspoiled, but am not really looking forward to what I believe will be a very brutal ending. *sigh*
After reading Joss' take on the xxlation, it makes me even madder (more mad?).

"Healthy man dies of heart attack" indeed. The idiotic WB, most notably Levin, needs to be shaken (violently), not stirred, and poured into a sea of Whedon fans.

That is the only way justice will be served on this matter. I know there's nothing original in what I'm saying here, but reading it from Joss' s own lips makes me furious all over again, and I had to vent. Expletives would have been better, but I love my Whedonesque and don't wanna get banned. (Chickenshit)

Can you imagine if he showed up at a convention?? Levin, not Joss. As civilized as we fans are, methinks it would look like the boxer rebellion all over again!

*seething*...oooh how I hate them.
So the animated series is still in the works?
BTW, I love the quote in the upper right corner. Its one of my favorites and probably the only time I can remember when Angel and Xander were funny together.
Whedon: "Because Fox is a bad network that makes bad decisions."

I didn't think it was possible for my love for Joss Whedon to grow, but it just did.
Willowy -- the rumor is that the Guest of Honor at the Chicago Wizard World Comic Convention this year is none other than Joss himself. It's going to be pandemonium if he is. I was at a convention last year when Kevin Smith was in attendance and I thought the stampede was bad for him!
CSatan, I would give my left ear to actually see him speak in person.

I have a friend of a friend who has the damndest luck. His name is Van and he BUMPED INTO Joss on the street! Keep in mind he's just as much a Whedon fan as we all are. He was with his friend's 14 year old daughter who is a HUGE Angel fan.

He chatted up Joss for a while and the shy little girl caught Joss's attention, so long story short, Van got a personal INVITE to the set of Angel because of this youngster and Joss's generosity. He had a ball. (Marsters was tons more friendly than Boreanaz, as we've heard) Then again, at a comic convention, Van patiently waited in line to get Joss' autograph, and when he got to the front, Joss called him by name! He remembered the encounter on the street and wanted to know if the little girl had had a nice time!

What a cool guy Joss is. *sigh*
Oh, I forgot the quote changes... the one I was referring to was "I'm not looking at your neck!"
cubiclesatan: His appearance at Wizard World was confirmed, last I checked.

Willowy: Talk about good timing! Both Joss and James seem like such nice guys, and those be few. I'm still bitter about a former teacher of mine who is somehow related to Joss and didn't invite me to the Christmas dinner he would have attended, and since I didn't know the address I couldn't even look in the windows.

...Now that sounded creepy and stalkerish, didn't it?
Vaguely +Faith+, but hey! I'd be PO'd too!
OMG! willowy that is so cool, about your friend Van that is. What a lucky guy! Gosh! I love Joss.
As far as Joss mentioning how bleak the TV market is right now...I understand he's probably referring to network TV without specifically pointing that out, but the way some of these critically acclaimed creators with failed series talk, you'd think they never heard of HBO and the like. Creative, imaginitive, unique dramas are thriving on these subscription cable channels. I don't see why those fed up with network TV don't simply propose their new properties to HBO, FX, Showtime, etc. They may not accept anything Buffy-related, but at the very least I don't see why they wouldn't take a risk on an original Joss Whedon proposal. They must realize how many new subscribers that would draw in. So when Joss is ready to return to television, he should go to them.

And I just gotta say again, re: the animated Buffy series--Woo hoo!

Re: the finality of the Buffyverse that Joss seems to be implying in this article. First of all, he's stated in other interviews that it will live on, in some form, again. Second, I'm glad he has the guts and the personal integrity to be honest with us and let us know that the Buffyverse is taking a well-deserved (and in my opinion, much-needed) break. I don't want this franchise to go the way of Star Trek (I really like this particular season of Enterprise though, don't hurt me die-hard Trekkies/Trekkers). Hell, I don't want this to become totally franchise-driven. There should only be a Buffyverse series on the air when Joss himself has a story to tell, not just 'cause one of the other writers has a half-decent idea and he might trust them to run with it (yeah, we saw how well him letting the other writers control things worked out when we got Buffy Season 7...or see nearly every bit of officially licensed fanfiction, the comics and novels). Aside from wanting the proper Season 6 ending to Angel, I'm pretty glad the Buffyverse is ending for a while, I'm tired and ready to try a whole lotta new material (both from Joss and other talented creators. There're quite a few DVDs to rent of well-reviewed TV shows I haven't seen a single episode of, and it's gonna be great to have a few more hours in my week, after a few of my shows end this month, for reading and other leisure activities. Give TV a bit of a rest).

[ edited by Kris on 2004-05-16 10:42 ]
I have to disagree with you on a number of points Kris. Many of us enjoyed season 7, and some of the Buffy comics and novels are excellent. Though comics-wise it's mostly the ones by the writers of the series that are great. This season of Angel is the best the series has ever been. So, I really wouldn't say a break is needed whatsoever.

As for cable shows...I can only muster a big "eh" for those. I know they're supposedly high in quality, but the only one I have any interest in is 'Six Feet Under'. And with only one more season of 'The Sopranos' left, the end of 'Sex and the City', and maybe 2 or 3 more seasons of SFU, I think that cable will soon be in dire straits as well. Mediocre new shows like 'Deadwood', 'Carnivale' and 'Dead Like Me' simply aren't gonna cut it.

I'll obviously live with a break from the Buffyverse, but I think that TV as a whole is suffering greatly. The network executives are chasing out the creative minds with pitchforks and torches.
Such a good interview. God. TV is so crappy right now, and what makes it even crappier is how creative people like Joss are just dying to make it better, yet no one will give them the time of day.

I can't afford cable these days (what with the suckitude that is the current economy in my part of the country), but I'm guessing that even if I had the ability to pay for 100 channels, I would remain dissatisfied because none of the programs I'd be getting would contain that ineffable essence of Whedon. There's just nothing that can replace Joss but more Joss. (It's like, some kind of ruling principle of life. And if it isn't, it should be.)

With Bell and Goddard going to Alias, I'm thinking I'll have to give it a try next year, but other than that my TV slate has been pretty much wiped clean. TV execs are leaving us genre fans out in the cold for now because we have money and they ... don't want it, apparently. Huh. That's a new one on me.

They think everyone is going to looooove reality TV 4-evah, but the backlash is coming, baby, and it's going to make the tidal wave in The Day After Tomorrow look like fart-bubble ripples at the shallow end of a water park kiddie pool.

I'm sorry for them that I have a functioning brain, and can't be bothered to wade through the sewage that passes for network TV exploitainment these days just to endure an incessant, shrill barrage of slick and soulless commercials shilling crap I don't need and will never buy. But, that's how it goes. I'll just have to turn somewhere else for my intellectual stimulation.

Have I mentioned how glad I am you guys are here?

Also, how hard did I laugh at this, trying to imagine the interviewer's expression as he said it: I mean, it's me. If I didn't kill people, well, gosh, I would feel all ooky inside.

If it's wrong that this makes me lurve JW even more, I don't want to be right.

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