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May 17 2004

Futon Critic Update: "Tru Calling" has a "sure sign renewal" coming "...both series ["Arrested Development" and "Tru Calling"] have begun staffing for the 2004-05 season..." (Scroll all the way down.)

Good news for TC and AD fans. The article also has detailed leaks from NBC and The WB, some info from ABC, and brief news from CBS and FOX.

Note that nothing is official till announced (later this week).

well, although (as i am in australia) i haven't seen Tru Calling yet (which is set to come soon to 7 so says TV Week), i'm happy for Eliza to have a successful show under her belt

hopefully, it gets better with time, and so do the ratings - i need all the genre shows i can get
I'm happy for Tru fans that the show is returning, but so far it hasn't really grabbed me. Maybe I'll try it this fall. If there's even a hint that the promise of certain developments in the season finale might be interestingly fulfilled, they just might lure me in (ooh, smell the TV desperation).

Is it just me, or does it feel like being gut-punched with a fistful of hot lead to read through the WB's Wednesday night lineup and not see Angel there? I'm running out of ways to feel enraged and depressed all over again when I happen across something that reminds me my favorite show will be gone next year as if it never existed.
We live in strange times when we see Angel's former timeslot filled in part by a Drew Carey show.
yeah, i remember my elation when seeing Angel on the fall schedule for season 5... that was quite possibly my biggest yelp of happiness ever
I've seen two episodes of Tru Calling, and I was not impressed with either. That series has no appeal to me and I won't be spending any more time with it. Do wish ED had a better vehicle to showcase her talents.

Otherwise, I'm right there with Wiseblood's comments. As far as my rational processes go, I know this week is it for Angel -- but I still feel gut-punched when I see anything from the WB that confirms the loss of the series. Since I don't watch anything else on the network anyway, and absolutely nothing in the new lineup entices me, it won't be difficult for me to "boycott" the network.

I know most of the actors -- and even Joss in his less vengeful moments -- have said that they are glad for the ride, and that the WB paid for their cars, etc. It's just business and yadda yadda yadda. But I still keep wondering: if the WB lost most of its remaining audience, do you think they would get anyone to spend a nickel or sign a petition for a "SaveTheFrog" campaign?
If this news is correct, it seems the sheer brilliance of Fox to renew Arrested Development will be perfectly counterbalanced by its utter stupidity in renewing Tru Calling.
Amen to that, Prufrock.
The 2 hour finale of Tru showed promise to me, I can only hope they capitialize on it but I don't have much faith. If the premiere doesn't catch me then I'll probably tune out again.
True Calling started out terrible. My S.O. and I would sit there in utter frustration at how stupid the show could be, and how insulting it was to its audience (it never left anything to the imagination, and re-told you every little detail as often as possible). We kept watching for some reason, and I'm glad we did. The show got better. Much better. Towards the end of the season, I would say it was "pretty good" and shows a lot of promise to be quite good.

Of course, this is all subjective, but I think some of you might want to give it another chance. You might be surprised.
I watched Tru Calling because it was a show to watch on air. I really liked Eliza Dushku, and I understood her desire to take a step out of the Faith world, and to be honest, it's not like Tru Calling was a very bad step to take, at all. The premise is workable, and it was created by a top-notch staff, it seems, and the rest of the cast is good. Not the worst show on air, but not the best, either. In fact, the majority of reviews you hear about the show laud Eliza Dushku as an actor, even though they feel the show is lackluster.

However, I really felt that what plagued this show in its first season was the same thing that has plagued a show like Charmed. The plot "twists" are too gimmicky and easily figured out far before they actually come up in the actual show, and they're not emphasized as well or as strongly as surprises on shows like Buffy or Angel.

Also, I feel like Tensai was right in his article in the parts where he mentions Tru Calling: there is a general apathy for this show, and the twists aren't spoiled simply because people don't seem to care enough to want to spoil them.
I dropped Tru in mid-season, because it just wasn't holding my interest.

Came back for the two-hour finale; didn't change my mind. "Evil dad" just didn't do it for me.
Tru hs really grown on me, I am glad it has potentially been renewed because there is nothing else on, with out my beloved angel I feel lost, so I am grateful for one thing to watch next year.
No! No! No!

Faith the series! No more Tru Boring and give us the Rogue Slayer!
I don't want Tru & or Faith. Not anymore.

Nothing against the actress as a person, and I certainly would never wish her ill, but outside her past work on Buffy & Angel, I can't think of anything she's done that I particularly liked. I wish her luck, but I'm not a fan of her as a talent, and feel a remarkable ambivalence towards her as a person. Eliza Dushku can try her hand at sequels to Wrong Turn for all I care. I don't believe a telemovie or a spinoff involving Faith would be of any value at this point. That ship has set sail.

At this point if the BuffyVerse were to continue, I'd want it to get a fresh reboot with an entirely new cast. Let the past talents move on if that's what they want. It doesn't mean the motherlode of story possibilities should remain untapped.
Tru did have a very rocky start...however, after the season finale I really think the show has potential to redeem itself next season, after its mediocre first season. I really think the writers for this show need to find Joss Whedon and have him train them in the art of making great television shows. Then Tru might stand a chance afterall. Unlike Angel and Buffy, this is one show that I watch, but won't mourn if Fox decides to axe it. Oh and I'm very glad Arrested Development is coming back. For once Fox has done something right (An example of something wrong they have done were cancelling Firefly, Wonderfalls, and a few other decent primetime shows.).
I second that, Zachsmind. If we see the Buffyverse on TV again (which I'm not betting on) then let's ee it with new characters and new life.
If or when, no, when, that sounds better. When we see the Buffyverse again, I want it to be connected to the other shows, and have a character or two in common, if it were a new cast, say a brand new slayer, the "new start" may cause it to retread old ground, as you watched the first episode you'd be trying to see which character was which, who was the "new Willow", the "new Giles" etc...

Though this would be better than no Buffyverse at all, I'm still hoping for a spinoff with an already established character, and I reckon Spike is currently the most likely character to get one, the WB like him, Joss likes him, James likes him, once it has one or two familiar characters (Illyria/Andrew) in place I feel then they could start creating new ones, which would not become the old ones because they would be with these familiar, yet growing characters in a new situation, it wouldnt just be "A Slayer (that's not Buffy or Faith) and Friends" or "An ex-evil out for redemption".

I'm not just saying, I want a Spike show, he's my favorite character, he is, but I'd be equally happy with a Faith show, or a Willow show, though it's sad for Alyson that Americana probably hasn't been picked up, maybe Joss'll be able to work on getting her back for a spinoff, be it with Spike, Faith or 'ugh' Kennedy. Currently though, these (and Giles, but god knows whats happening with that) are the only characters in the 'verse (in my opinion) that could support a show, I'd watch any show set in the Buffyverse, but I reckon those would be the best.
The Faith/Illyria show?

Oh the possibilities. Of course Robin would have to be there too. And Harm. With guest appearances by Cordy.

Faith would need a Watcher. And Illy still needs her Wes, (and so do I, in whatever incarnation) soooo....? That's it, that's my pitch.

Sounds great!
Not sure how they could get Faith and Illyria together unless Giles or someone decides she's the best person to help her not be evil.

Check this....A Harmony spinoff, with a zombie Cordy!!!!

Harmony leaves Angel and Co. she decides to set out to do good, out of the shadow of Spike and Angel, yet she feels she needs a guide, and someone she won't get the urge to bite, she decides that the corpse of her best friend Cordy would be a great guide, and uses magic to bring her back to life as a zombie (like "The Zeppo", so she's a zombie like just like her human self, not the mindless type). Harmony magically binds Cordy to her, so she can't get a certain distance away from her, so Cordy has no choice but to help.

I'm changing the channel as I speak... this is my worst spinoff idea ever, even worse than my Alias comedy spinoff Sloane! about Sloane during his SD6 days that one of my friends reckons I should write rather than my Spike spinoff.

Still reckon ZachsMind's Spike/Andrew "There is no try" spinoff idea is gold, but I'd have Illyria in it too.

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