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May 17 2004

TV Gal's Musing on the end of Angel. Amy talks about the end of an era for the buffyverse.

good article. after reading it, Im starting to realize that Angel may very well have been too clever. too original. too dramatic. too hilarious.too emotional.

ANGEL- too good for TV

that gives me a lil' bit of comfort....just a little

PuppetCancer out
"Lullaby" is probably still my favorite episode of the series, too.
As I read this article and agreed with some of her choices, and revaluated some I wouldn't have thought of including, an all encompassing sadness fell upon more to come.

I loved everything about this show, it gave me everything I enjoy in a story. Love, hate, darkness (love the darkness) sexiness, fear, heartstopping soap operaic drama, and evil. I will miss knowing what the people listed in the credits, look like.

Also during the reading of episodes listed, I realised that I can finally forgive the Evil Cordy storyline.
I really liked "Deep Down" with the dreams Angel had of the perfect "family" life and finally giving Connor the whipping that he needed at the end. I also loved seeing Connor grown up for the first time, all badass superhero and then the sweet fight scene between him and the gang.

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