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May 17 2004

(SPOILER) Sci Fi Weekly's Angel series finale review. "Darker and more adult than its predecessor (Buffy), the final episode of the series, "Not Fade Away," is a fitting finale".

someone please tell me its not ending...:'( (yeah right)
"The only complaint has to do with the sudden introduction of the Circle of the Black Thorn. Whedon usually sprinkles hints throughout the season and provides more direction about where a given season is headed. However, that didn't happen this year, and the final battle doesn't have the depth of past battles."

Hmm I think I remember reading somewhere that the symbol of the CotBT was hinted at earlier in the season...On the cyborgs and on Illyria's tomb...
Man, every time I see that promo shot from the last episode, I almost want to lose it.

No more Angel.

No more Joss-on-tv (for now, let's hope it's just "for now" and he comes back real soon...)

I simultaneously can't wait for Wednesday to get here and hope it never comes.
"I simultaneously can't wait for Wednesday to get here and hope it never comes."

Right there with ya!
Argh, and just like Buffy, the finale is a normal episode length. Even Tru Calling had an extra long season ending. But not Joss' shows!

Anyway, I can't wait. And at the same time I don't want it to come, because then it will be truly over. Right now there is still a time ahead of me with a new Angel ep......not for long....sigh

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