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October 31 2002

BtVS's "Hush" is scary according to this list of scary movies and tv shows.

From Stephanie Zacharek: " 'Hush'... scans just like one of those listless dreams in which you try to scream, and can't. Everybody's had 'em -- and yet the way the eerie quiet of 'Hush' sucks you in, you feel as if the experience is privately, and unequivocally, your own."

I always hate the dreams where I'm in a state of helplessness but I find the scariest dreams the ones you can't get out of easily, like Buffy in The Magic Box from 6x05 "Life Serial".

"The Gentlemen"---nothing creepier on television, the way they look, the way they move, the way they gesture, their mission---I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking of them!
That moment where Olivia's looking out the window... eek!
I think it would be a Grr-eat idea if ME came out with BtVS based masks and costumes for the top all the demons and characters when they are unique enough. They would surely be snatched up by fans and non-fans alike wherever they were sold. Nothing would be freakier than seeing the Gentlemen and their in-need-of-a-tailor henchmen coming your way. Aggh!!! What better It's a little late now since today is Halloween (Why scare people only at Holloween anyway? "Because it's WRONG"?) but maybe next year someone would have a Buffy based Halloween event. This idea of having a Buffy event just sent my mind off the edge. I just can't stop thinking about it. I will be writing more shortly. I'm now pondering doing something … somthing big and cool … more on this later. I just wish I would have thought of this much sooner.

Who would you want to be for Halloween? The simple white sheet ghost or maybe The First Slayer? Personally I would want to be my sweet Sweet from OMWF. Oh, the possibilities …

I have an idea. I'll start an exhaustive list in order of the demons first appearance
in another post and continue to update it as you contribute ideas and I have more time. This should be fun.

Buffy and Angel Demon List

This is a listing of the unique demons featured on BtVS and AtS that could be made into masks or costumes. This list is exhaustive but currently incomplete. Your help and input would be greatly appreciated.

    Season 1

    Season 2

  • Daryl, a general Frankenstein figure [Some Assembly Required (2x02)]

  • Ampata, a basic Mummy Wrap with Incan accessories [Inca Mummy Girl (2x04)]

  • Machida, a reptilian well-dwelling demon [Reptile Boy (2x05)]

  • The Judge, immortal cool blue guy [Suprise, Innocence (2x13-14)]

  • Oz as Werewolf, the furry band member [Phases (2x15)]

  • Kindestod, scary eye popage (reminds me of the Corinthian) [Killed by Death (2x18)]

  • Fish boy, yucky swim team steroid transformations [Go Fish (2x20)]

  • Acathla, big hardened demon that will destroy the world [Becoming (2x21-22)]

  • Season 3

    Note: I am trying to make the list as semantically rich (and colorful and entertaining) as possible but I am forced to use inline CSS. It would help a lot if I could use a stylesheet. Also, on a lot of my text there are title attributes …

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Heh. Applause.
I hate the Excorist for that reason. The helplessness of Regan and her family. That movie absolutely terrified me. Good movie, at least in the way that it got an extremely emotional reaction out of me. I will never watch it again... I can't even watch parodies of it now. ugh, way too scary. Slept with the lights on for weeks afterward and I always felt weird around stairs.... after the... ugh... crabwalk scene.

And the first time you see a Gentleman in Hush always makes me jump. Every single time.

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