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May 18 2004

Starfury's FUSION Event - a City of Angel report. Featuring Q&A's from Tom Lenk, Juliet Landau, Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion, Nick Brendon and Emma Caulfield. If you're going to read just one article today, read this.

Hee. I loved Nick's comments on Anya and Xander's current possible relationship...
"I pay attention to what you guys say on the web and there's been talk of some comments that I've made about my being happy to be off the show and bitter or something, and that's definitely not the case. (...) It really had to do with Fox and didn't have anything to do with anything else. There were some rumors going around that it was about Sarah, and that's not true, it was all Fox. And I've been pretty vocal about how much I don't like them, (applause) and it may hurt me if I ever work for them again, but I don't want to work for them again, so I don't f***ing care."

Applause for Emma.
Ah, gotta love that Anya-like honesty. :)
That was great of her to clear things up.
Cool now I cannot wait to see her in Tampa in a few weeks. You know this is the second time I heard about FOX ... without mentioning them by name Stephaine talked about in Season 3 she ask for more money and the (FOX) producers did not want to pay her asking price so she said no - but then she got a call from Alexis asking if she didn't want to work with him (she had no idea of Wes-Lilah storyline). Then Tim Minear called her she told him what she was asking for and he told her that it was no problem (it wasn't that much more compared to her previous contract) he told her he would take care of it. So FOX was extremely stingey when it came to playing the actors. Also a funny side note : The guy who played the Beast in S4 and stabbed her, well it seems it's old hat for him and her, since they had done a movie prior to Angel together where guess what - you got it - he had stabbed her. She also did her own stunt when she was thrown into the table from across the room because her stunt person was unable to do it for some reason. OH and BTW Stephaine is not in Cruel Intentions 3 but she is in the movie 'The Final Cut' this fall with Robin Williams.
I so wanna see "The Final Cut." I've been waiting for it to come out.
That was great. What really stood out to me was the quote that Caroline cited above. Laid that one to rest. Kudos to Emma. And did someone really win a date? I didn't see anything.
So Tom Lenk drew the Union Jack on Andrew's lunch bag? I loved that little detail; it was such a brilliant sight gag and so Andrew.
Hooray for Emma for setting the record straight about the rumors and speculation. And her answer that James Marsters was the best snog because "James was pretty proficient. Yeah, he had a lot of gusto"... Lucky Emma.
There was a Cruel Intentions 2?
I agree, kudos to Emma for setting the record straight and standing up for herself. I'm glad she cleared that up and again, I think if the fans were able to do all the interviews we wouldn't have these misleading stories start in the first place. I loved that she openly admitted it was Fox she had the problem with and wouldn't want to work with them again. I'm betting a lot of people in the Whedonverse feel the same way after the way Fox has treated so many of them. I'm also glad she cleared it up that it wasn't about SMG, which I didn't think it was. It was nice to see how close she and Nick Brendan are and I loved her story about AH convincing everyone it was her 30th birthday when it really was her 29th and no one believed her when she told the truth!

Ahh, Nathan Fillion, I just love him so much! He seems like such a great guy in real life. All of them do really and I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and experiences on all three shows. It's fun to get some behind the scenes insight.

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