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May 18 2004

Prince of Lies Official Site goes live and that's no lie. Camden Toy, famous for bringing life to many beastly creations in the Jossverse (including one of the Gentleman, Gnarl, and the ubervamp), not to mention a chance to see the man behind the make-up.

He is also a very nice guy and very talkative and fan friendly type person if you get a chance to see him at a convention I suggest doing it. He is a fasinating guy. He tells great stories about being on Buffy as well as other stuff he has done and he speaks extremely highly of SMG.

Wish the photo gallery were live already, too. I read the lengthy interview with him posted on this site a month or two ago...he does indeed seem a fascinating and thoroughly decent favorite moment as the Prince of Lies..."Ve're under Vater??"
Yeah - just went to the site when I posted it this morning - there had only been 108 visits as of now there were over 850. I told him this weekend - you let us know and we will get the word out. :)

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