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October 31 2002

Drew Goddard drops by the Bronzebeta and is high-larious:

"When I was on set that day, by the way, I told them to change the line to “Scream ‘Montessori’ all you like, pet.” I explained that Spike was reacting to Buffy’s advanced teaching system that emphasized accelerated learning in a child’s first twelve years. Not one person laughed. Everyone just nodded and started changing the line. I swear to Christ, nobody gets me."

"Hey – we’re stuck on a story point. Maybe you guys can help us. Who would you rather see Buffy fall in love with: a new half-man/half-mummy character played by George Plimpton or a re-animated Principal Snyder?"

... also answers some questions from the fans.

A little below that, you'll find Jane Espenson explaining the characters on Firefly: "Interesting question about Joss = Wash. I agree. When he first laid out the characters for us, we were convinced he was Mal, and Marti was Zoe. But now I think he's definitely Wash. I guess I'm Jayne???"

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