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May 19 2004

Entertainment Geekly says goodbye to Angel. Four articles (so far) commemorating the end of Angel.

Excellant articles - thanks for the post!
I even laughed when that Verizon "Can you hear me?" guy did his little Angel cross-promotion.

I wasn't watching Angel in the early days, so can somebody tell me what this was about?

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Either before or after commercials during episodes a guy would walk around on a cell phone, he'd walk down the stairs in the hotel saying "can you hear me now.....good" then he walked down that alley that Angel walks down at the end of the credits sequence saying the same thing.

That was nearly 2 years ago, it was quite funny, probably one of the last times I'll ever watch the WB too, intending to skip that channel when watching TV this Summer.
So how's everyone doing with tonight's impending finale? I'm dreading it. Will life ever be the same again? :(
Life will never be the same, or as Illyria says, "change is constant". Pick whichever one sounds less threatening!

BTW: a bunch of us will be in the Flickr chat room during the episode - stop on by!
Did anyone see Jordan Levin on E! last night? He was asked by Kristin WHY on earth he cancelled Angel. He just smiled and went on and on about how much the WB LOVES Angel, BUT...yada yada yada. Disgusting.
What time is the finale on and what time is that in GMT?
9pm EST so that would be 2am in the UK (British Summer Time though). You're one hour ahead of me aren't you?
Come on, mini-Gileses, suck it up! Take a nap now and come join us in a couple hours! :)
Personally, I'm sad one moment and in denial the next. I've still got it set in my mind that the story will continue eventually. It just has to! LOL Seriously, there's apparently so much left to tell, I don't think Joss will just let it die without getting some more of it out there. His creations are so important to him, he's bound to find some way to wrap things up.

Provided the current storm doesn't knock out our phone or power (I'll be so upset if I end up missing Angel altogether) I'll be in Flickr around 11pm Eastern time.
2am, school at 10 past 9, yeah, I should be able to make the FlickR chat!
Come to chat !
Greyflowers, I'm surprised I haven't seen any fanfic competitions cropping up yet for "how would you continue the story" based on the series finale?

Of course, that might preclude spoiler knowledge. At any rate, I'm sure they'll be tons of fangirls and boys writing up stories.
I'm one hour ahead, yes. 3am for me, I might take a nap first ;-)

Thing is I don't want to be spoiled and I think it takes at least 3 hours before the download is available.
I suppose us spoiler-fiends could strive to keep our during 'sode comments limited to: "look at that outfit!" "sniff!" and "Levin is a rat bastard"....
Like Greyflowers, I'm bouncing all over the place, psychologically...I almost had to work tonight (a big client is in town and I was going to be sucked into a very lengthy dinner) and thankfully got a last minute reprieve...otherwise, it would have been back home after midnight, a tall glass of bourbon, and then the last Angel ever, leaving me in God-knows-what kind of shape for the I can watch with my wife and we can comfort ourselves when it is all over.

I'm 49, for crying out loud. How does this show do this to me?
Oh yeah, I'm certain of the possible fanfic, cubiclesatan. And while it's interesting to hear other people's ideas, it doesn't compare to what Joss may have in store for our heroes (and villains).

I almost had to work tonight myself. But the moment they said they had work for the 19th, I told them no way. I was honest and said it was because it was Angel's finale. I get the feeling they thought I was joking though. heh
Chris is f o r t y - n i i i i n e!

Don't worry - I've hung out with older people than you who like to play the Buffy CCG. We were all pretty ticked when the game got canned, not to mention Angel. What was so great about the game (and the shows, obviously, too) is that it was friendly to a wide variety of ages. From teens on up through 50s.
Oh, there'll be fanfic, for sure. I write for the Sunnydale Socks, an RPG group on LiveJournal, and we've already got our plot for the summer all figured out.

T-minus three hours and forty-four minutes, here.
Let's hear a cheer for us Angel fans in the "through 50s" group. Glad to see that there are others here who have both the years and the mileage, and who find themselves nevertheless obsessed with a TV show. And also others who find themselves the object of some weird looks at work when mentioning the series with appreciation.
I'm 42 and I actually find that my friends take my word about the show much more seriously than if I were younger.

I've made quite a few converts! Besides, I think us older viewers are able to appreciate the nuances of the show, whereas with someone who is actually in the Scoobies age group, its all "Whooa, Buffy's coooool!" and that's about it. But can they tell you WHY she's cool? I doubt it.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm being presumptuous or ageist. Thats just my opinion .
Hmmmm, though I may not get as much out of it as people older than me, I'd have to disagree. I'm 19 now, and I started watching Buffy when I was 13, though at first it may have been "Wow, Buffy's cool!", and "Wow, Buffy's hot!". That's not what makes me watch and rewatch these shows now though.

I'm younger than the Scooby Gang, and a good few years younger than Angel's Avengers, I understand the characters and what drives them, I can see that there's rarely black or white, but gray, and I don't shout "AWESOME!" every time someone kills a demon.

Speaking of fanfic, I reckon we should have a competition (no prizes, just for the honor of being the best, and to see other people's ideas), if not hear then on the flickr group, I couldn't avoid being spoiled and I've an idea brewing.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-05-19 23:43 ]
Here here ghostspike! I’m 19 next Wednesday and I resent the whole whoa 'Buffy cool' statement we may be youthful but it doesn’t mean we're superficial about the show. We get the wit and we get the nuances we get the little quirks and charms…grrr arg, sorry to go all fan boy on you willowy but it just annoys me when people think all I watch the shows for is the eye candy Or the ‘ooo Buffy kills things aspect’ of the show.But i also respect the fact that you as an older viewer may get a totally different experience than i do.

i think a fanfic competition is a great idea, i'm still searching for a good one that follows on from 'chosen'...
That's ok you two...there are always exceptions, and you prove yourselves time and time again. ;)

I think I do have a point about our age group though.
Well all I can say is the shows appeal to all age groups. Which is a rare thing these days.
I think it's nice that people of various ages get so much out of it. But it's nice to hear that it isn't just the "targeted audience" that is watching. I'm just shy of 40 - (next month is my big 4-0) and whenever you read articles about Buffy or even Angel they make it sound like it is only the younger people that watch and that is just so not true. I know many older adults who are just as enthralled. I've been watching these shows for years with my kids and we always are having long, drawn out Buffy/Angel/Firefly discussions. My daughters are 14 and 17 and they've gotten so much out of these shows and the attraction wasn't the monsters and hotties but the great storytelling. It's a shame that the show was mostly promoted to target the teen audience and those of us who don't fit that mold were lucky enough to find the show on our own and have enjoyed the ride tremendously. I feel sorry for the people who snubbed their noses at the Buffyverse because of the name or that they thought it would be like the movie. They just don't know what greatness they've missed. But I'm glad I've been a part of it for all these years. I feel though that the Buffyverse fan base will just grow as the years go on and people discover it in syndication.
My son is just turned 20...a year and a half ago when he heard about my addiction, he was he's a regular Buffy/Angel missionary....a friend at work has a (very precocious, to be sure) 8 year old daughter who knows (and gets!) all the lyrics to "Once More With Feeling", and she is in mourning over what will happen in just over an hour...truly testament to the amazing, astounding, astonishing and altogether marvelous (hey, alliteration can only go so far without becoming tiresome) achievement Joss and his merry band of geniuses have wrought. Well put, Simon, Willowly, blwessels and all the others.

God, I am a bizarre mixture of incredible eager anticipation and bleak melancholy right now...God, I'm going to miss this...God, I truly will...
I agree bl, about the feeling sorry for some.

Although, if they don't get it, do we even want them in our 'verse? I'm a big fan of "the more, the merrier" but we are all so enlightened here.

And your last statement about sydication discoverage... yes! It can only spawn more and more die-hard fans who get it.

Oh, this reminds me of a *short* story. My husband's friend Mike was over here keeping him company while I had several friends over to watch the season six ender. When at one point, one of our scoobies was crying, Mike said loudly "OH BOO HOO!"

SNAP! All of our heads whipped around at lightning speed and just glared right at him. LOL! Talk about a guy trying to make himself invisible! He left shortly thereafter.

So yeah! In the "just doesn't get it" camp, there's my story.

Geez now I'm sounding all elitist. Crap.
How does one get to the Flickr chatroom, sorry if I spelled that incorrectly.
I'm thinking that it's not such a good idea to meet in the room (for me) DURING the episode. I'd much rather come after its all over and after I've stopped bawling.

Will the room still be open after? That's the best time for discussion...

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