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October 31 2002

Jane Espenson, "writer and student of linguistics", has a website.

If anyone else was thinking, "How nice for her. I care because...?" She's a producer for Buffy:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(2002-Present) Co-Executive Producer
(2001-2002) Supervising Producer
(2000-2001) Producer
(1999-2000) Co-Producer
(1998-1999) Executive Story Editor

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... but even better known for her scripts: Band Candy, A New Man, Superstar, Earshot, Gingerbread, etc, etc. She's one of the most popular writers on Buffy and Angel (and now Firefly).

Writers on BtVS are almost stars themselves, the way they are revered (and criticised) by the fans. I've never seen that on any other show. Sorry about the lack of description, but I don't have to do that anywhere else I post so I forget there may be people who don't know.

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