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May 20 2004

Angel Creator's Finale Post-Mortem - TV Guide "The word 'cliffhanger' is really a misnomer here," series co-creator Joss Whedon stresses to TV Guide Online. "This was not the final grace note after a symphony, the way the Buffy finale was. We are definitely still in the thick of it [at the end]. But the point of the show is that you're never done; no matter who goes down, the fight goes on."

This was nice to see:

Whedon takes some comfort in knowing Angel aficionados feel the same way. "I was enormously touched by the fan response," he says. "For them to react that strongly to what had always been perceived as the bastard child of the Buffy franchise was really important to me.

But it is truly bitter to read that this was the original ending for Season 5 with the assumption that there'd be a Season Cordy might say....I mean...damn....
But for those who feel that they were all going to die, it's obvious now that they weren't. They'd all be back (except for Wesley - sob!). But yes, damn the WB!!!
Nice article. JW tell us what will would have happened in season 6 -PLEASE!
blwessels...wasn't Gunn about to buy it?

Interesting all the interpretations...this morning my wife said that all of them would have gotten killed, after inflicting grievous damage...I can't accept that.

Deaths...Doyle...Cordy...Fred...Wesley...and lots of secondary characters...that's a lot of death.
Good God, that season six premise sounds amazing! GAH!!

F***ing WB.
Gunn was in bad shape but not dead yet so anything would've been possible. I can't see them letting him live through the finale to only kill him off in a new season (especially after Wesley's death and Lorne's departure). But we may never know thanks to the morons at the WB.
...still crying....

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