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"Who's flying this thing!? Oh right, that would be me."
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July 08 2002

Bwock bwock bwock! Is it just me, or does the fair ship Serenity look like a chicken?

Is it really past midnight in CET? It's 3pm on the 8th here in sunny California....
Yup, it's midnight. I've just changed into a pumpkin.
Chicken... Joss does have a thing about goats. Perhaps he's into farmyard fun.
And David Boreanaz has a chicken-phobia (or so I heard him say on two different talk-shows).
Anyway, I'd like to see more non-aerodynamic spaceships in sci-fi space (it's a vacuum after all).
Bab 5 had some really great Earth ships. Very angular and non-aerodynamic, with pointy antennas and rotating sections. Of course, the alien ships were all slick and shiny....
It's not just you :) (and yes, B5 did have some great ships, god rest it's wee soul)
Well it looks like a chicken to me now. Thanks, fraying. Now every time I watch the show, I'm just gonna hear phantom chicken noises. ;)

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