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May 20 2004

'Family Guy' Returns Next Summer to FOX. The article mentions that all voice talent will be back, including Seth Green (Oz from the Buffyverse)

I think that summer is a good time to re-launch a show like this. Less competition, for one thing. Perhaps there will be a return to the Buffyverse at that time, as well, after things cool off and Joss and co. get less busy.

Wow, Seth Macfarlance, the creator who also does a bunch of the voices ("lumpy everyman Peter Griffin, homicidal baby Stewie and family dog Brian") will also have a new show on Fox that will be scheduled after Arrested Development in January that's supposed to get a sweet preview after the Super Bowl. Good news for comedy and irreverent humor fans.
Here's hoping they decide to screen the upcoming Family Guy in Australia!

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