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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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May 20 2004

Whedon appeared in Power Play? according to IMDB.

i think i'll need to verify this. i'm sure others would've spotted him besides the folks at IMDB.
it would be funny though if he was trying to purchase a russian bride in the background. attempting humor to mak feelings of loss.

Just ran the tape and took a look at the Conley commerical. Joss isn't the main guy featured in the spot, didn't see him in the backgroud. So, I think this is just a piece of inaccurate imdb info.
He could have appeared in disguise - just like he did as Numfar. I guess someone can ask him in August if he was in that episode.
Ha! I wish it WAS Joss, but I don't think so.
Was he really Numfar in "Through the Looking Glass"?
Des, yes he was :)
Yeah he was Numfar but he was far away and under make up so who could tell? I only know because he said it later in intervews.

I don't think he was Conley here, but I'll check. Maybe he was planning it but didn't wind up doing it? Would've been funny though.
I remember David Greenwalt and Tim Minear comments on Joss being Numfar.
He was showing them how the "Dance of Joy" should be done. And they realized that if it was to be done properly, it had to be by the man himself.

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