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October 31 2002

BBC publishes ebook prequel to the X-Box game, by Buffy tie-in authors Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski.

What a great idea, I'll certaintly be reading this every week.
In all honesty, that really sucked. It sucked the chrome off of a trailer hitch through a garden hose. Too many adjectives and too much nonsense that's meant to be subtle. Just too much bad writing.

Dear lord, look at the first paragraph. Did a 10 year old write this? Either I'm immensely stupid or is this better:

"The Master ran his hand across the wall behind a church altar. A layer of dust revealed the image of a cross with a dove in flight."

So much better than the original:

"The Master gently ran his pale, clawed hand across the wall that surrounded the altar of the abandoned church. A thick accumulation of dust, mould and dirt fell away to reveal the faded, painted image of a golden cross with a beautiful white dove in flight above it."
Perhaps the authors overcompensate for not being allowed to actually *do* something with the characters in the story.

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