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May 21 2004

Dark World's Review of Not Fade Away. "But thatís not the point. The point is that they fought." A largely positive review, tying together themes developed across the course of the five seasons.

Not only did each character have a moment to shine, I think every actor gave a shining performance. Effulgent, even. Andy Hallett expressing Lorne's disillusionment and broken spirit through all that makeup, James Marsters making William's poetry sound like Shakespeare, the sublime Alexis Denisof... How lucky we were to witness all of their talents every week.
Don't talk as if it's all over.

It's not. It can't be.

It ain't over 'til the Mutant Enemy guy LOOKS AT US while saying, "Grr Argh."

Did he do that? I think emphatically not!
Groovy article.
Good article, very astute as to the characters and the point. Nice read, thanks.
Great review, and I agree. This is how it had to end.
I LOOOOVED the ending. "Lets go to work" then hearing the "Clash" of metal as I saw the credits just put a huge smirk on my face. I, too pray this isnt the end. even if it takes a couple years, I so desperately need this universe to continue somehow.

Spike- I hope we see him again. up until this ep, I truly thought he couldnt have cared less about some "prophecy". then he asked Angel, "if we make it through, think one of us will be a real boy?" that suprised me. Id love (if we seem him again) to see him exploring this prophecy, as it looks like it is his now...if anybody's. maybe Andrew could help him.

Lorne- he left Pylea because he was a lover. he didnt fit in with the constant violence in his own world. so this makes sense.

Gunn- again, I PRAAAAY this universe is not dead; and if it isn't I hope we see Charles again somehow. Ive notcied alot of Gunn-haters on this site and other places, but I love him and thought his whole arc this season made sense. But in this ep, after he went back to his roots, then seeing him in the Senator's office, the way he was wising off and much resembling the Charles Gunn of yesterday, that Ive been waiting all year to see, to the last scene where he comes running down the alley saying "it's a good thing for you two youre on my side, cuz man I was on my game tonight" something like that, made me smile.

Angel-it's clear at this point DB is done, but who knows,it seems SMG has changed her mind but who knows. if we see him again, I hope he eventually gets what he deserves.

Wesley-ahhhh, Wesley. My all time favorite character of the entire 2 show universe. he's been through so much. And even after everything he's been through, he has never given up. I hafta believe that he died only because a part of him was ready to go. And I hope he and Fred can be happy.
Now as much as I adore Wyndham Pryce, if there are more shows, tele pics, whatever in the future, I dont wanna see him magically come back. Im kinda torn about that one, but it would make his death more fickle. it was more believable with Spike and Angel(theyre not human) but IMO I think he should stay dead. ANd I will miss him greatly. I hope he finds in death what he was searching for in life.

PuppetCancer out

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