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May 21 2004

The eXo News Angel fan poll final results are posted

Didn't realise that 'Damage' was such a popular episode. Colour me surprised.
Simon, why surprised? Andrew is a well-loved character, and he even grew up a bit in this episode. Plus, this episode really drew the line in showing that Angel & Co. had gone too far in their W&H allegiance to the point that Buffy & Co. no longer trusted them. And it reminded the fang gang that they can't solve everything, that some things are best left to others, e.g. to slayers.

Personally I am a big fan of dark episodes into which humor has been skillfully woven.
I can see why it was the most favourite episode of season 5, I was just surprised it was voted the most favourite episode out of all the seasons.
"Damage" was my favourite episode up until the finale. Now I think "Not Fade Away" just beats it. But only just.
Well, I'm more a Spuffy than a Bangel nowadays(though I prefer Buffy out of the picture altogether because she doesn't know how to treat good vamps), but I *loved* I Will Remember You.

But since I'm more of a Spike fan than an AtS fan, the epis in Season 5 have been some of my favorites. Destiny, Damage, and even less Spikey ones like Smile Time and Hole in the World were just phenominal, but obviously for drastically different reasons.
This episode might also be popular because it was probably the closest (and certainly the first) in showing an understanding between Angel and Spike with that final hospital scene. Given that their relationship was supposed to be a main focus of S5, it may have been a representative episode for many people, as well as having the strong "Buffy" connection. But a lot of the voting does seem...coordinated.
I think that NOT FADE AWAY or a HOLE IN THE WORLD didn't get as many votes simply because they came later in the season. This poll has been going on for a very long while hasn't it?

Also, many Spike fans didn't see the other four seasons, and seeing that James did well in this, I can understand why Season five came up so strong.
I'm a Spike fan, but I've also been a fan of AtS since day one. Next to "Not Fade Away" and "Damage", "I Will Remember You" is my favourite episode. I'm more of a Spuffy than a Bangel, but that does not stop me from being able to appreciate what a wonderful episode that was.

Season Five is my favourite season, but not just because Spike is in it. The whole Fred/Wesley/Illyria storyline was amazing, too. There are so many good things about Season Five, I couldn't possibly list them all here. But I loved every season of Angel and am going to miss the show so much.
That's what I get for generalizing. ;)

I have to agree, I know many Spike fans have watched ATS from day one. I am one of those who followed him from BTVS (I have seen every episode of THAT show) I don't know that much about the earlier episodes of ATS when I voted. (And I actually voted for DESTINY, so go figure. LOL) I do think ATS season five surpassed some seasons of Buffy. It was incredibly well written.
I'm a little surprised that Spike was voted favorite character. I mean there are so many really good characters from Angel, it must have been a close race.(Well not all Angel characters are good, some are just horrible and uneccessary...*cough*Nina!) The choice for best actress was a good one, but if it hadn't been Charisma, the honor should have gone to Amy Acker, who easily transitioned from playing meek Fred, to bitchy/cocky Illyria. The choice for best episode surprised the hell out of me. Damage was a good one, don't get me wrong, but I had no idea it was so popular with Angel fans. For season choice, I probably would have gone with season 5 as well, despite the absence of Cordy. They should have added a few more categories, like: best couple, worst episode, worst season, best guest appearance, best actor, and favorite buffy/angel crossover episode(although I think there were only 3 that actually took place on Angel.)

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