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May 21 2004

Post Angel employment for the writers. Herc's run down on what shows the Angel writers have moved onto. Mentions that Ben Edlund is being hotly pursued by the 'most promising series of the coming season'.

Which better not be 'Commando Nanny'. Any takers on what the show is?'s a quirky little production called 'Wonderfalls'!!
Good for the whole lot of 'em. I find I'm cursing myself for not sticking with 'Alias' past the first season.
After browsing through the new dramas for next season, the only one that really stood out to me was Lost. It's from J.J. Abrams of Alias and while I don't really like Alias it's obvious he's capable of making a drama that people can be devoted to.

Plus, I'm a sucker for Island survival stories (I love the island parts of Castaway). I think it's because I read the Stephen King short story Survivor Type at a young age.

So that's my guess.
Any takers on what the show is?

I'll take a wild guess and say 'Lost'?
Any takers on what the show is?

My guess would be the only action based comic series not to be mentioned in this round cause it was already pushed back to mid-season due to production problems - so my guess would be Global Frequency (and what I believe was to be the real replacement for Angel instead of the overly hyped and not picked up DS). I also think the push back to mid-season had more to do with the Angel fans anger than production issues. I think they figure if they wait till 2005 to air it the whole Angel issue will have died down and people will come back and watch the show then.
Huh. I somehow doubt it's Desperate Housewives - which sounds as much like an adult film as it does a weekly TV series.
I'm hoping that it's 'Lost', since that's pretty much the only new show I have any interest in next season. I'm not sure how it would work as a weekly series, but I think that JJ Abrams is a mastermind, so we'll see how it goes. I'd love to have Edlund in on the action.
Actually, I've seen multiple articles declaring that Desperate Housewives is the drama with the most good buzz for the upcoming season. It just doesn't seem like the right fit for Ben Edlund, though, so I'm guessing that that's not what they're hinting at.
I think both Lost and Global Frequency are the best bets. Anywhere Edlund lands will see a top notch writer come on board. I need to go watch some Tick soon.
On another note, I saw recently where ABC might pull a NYPD Blue with Alias and not premiere the fourth season until January and run the whole thing with no breaks. That would give me time to watch both season two & three on DVD to get ready.
There's no might, NOLA64; that's a done deal. We talked about it here.
"Lost in Space" did not get picked up or even hinted at as a mid-season replacement on the WB fall schedule announcement, and since Doug P. left the series over creative differences - I'm not surprised, I think if Doug would have stayed it might have gotten a nod at least for mid-season. The only hour long shows mentioned were Jack & Bobby, The Mountain, Global Frequency, and Rocky Point for next season. My guess would be watch GF fall in to the time slot behind Smallville come 2005.

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'Lost' is most definetly a possibility... Bell and Goddard have already moved over to a JJ Abrams show... so maybe he's a big fan of the ME writers, and Edlund is who he's after now

was Abrams other show, the bounty hunter one, picked up as a midseason replacement?

that's also another possiblity then
was Abrams other show, the bounty hunter one, picked up as a midseason replacement?

The one with Greg Grunberg? No, unfortunately.
aapac - ABC did not pick up 'The Catch' - Abrams bounty hunter show.
Hmm, a global frequency tv show with creative input from the great Warren Ellis himself and writing by Ben Edlund could actually be really brilliant. However I'm still not convinced they're not just going to go the "mutant x" route with it. Still, there's a whole lot of potential for greatness there, and I know Ellis wouldn't work on a show based on one of his comics unless he was fairly certain it'd be some good stuff...
"The Catch" hasn't been picked up, but it hasn't been rejected yet either. It's pilot hasn't finished filming yet, and ABC is still considering picking it up, though we won't know for sure until after they view it. The same can be said about "Eyes," the lastest show from John McNamara (co-creator of "Profit," creator of "Fastlane").
The very wonderful Dachelle who runs emailed me with the following:

"I saw the writer rundown on Whedonesque...I'm betting
the show that wants Edlund is Mark Burnett's "Global
Frequency," which is based on the comic series of the
same name. Both Drew and DeKnight were talking about
it at the Wolfram & Hart Annual Revue and all the
writers were very interested in it.

I don't know that for certain, of course, but that's
my spec."

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