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May 21 2004

FF fans finalize design of cast welcome banner. It was months in the making, but Firefly fans on the main Prospero board have signed off on a banner that will greet cast and crew when Serenity begins shooting in June. (Link goes to board's exact post with link to art.)

No offense to the designer, but it's kinda overrated from what the people on that message board posted. Being my picky self, it just looks somewhat unprofessional. Sorry to be the spoiled milk.

Kinda wordy, too many different things going on, no real theme...
Actually, I'm inclined to agree. That looks like shi-- oh, dinner's burning!
Erm yeh...
I'm a graphic designer/architect, myself. I always try to acknowledge the skill in all design work; even if it's not my taste.

I don't want to say anything bad about fans' hard work, but...I agree.
Yeah, it suffers from a severe case of horror vacui, the desire to fill up every inch of space. Too bad.
Months in the making?!

Looking at the file header, seems it was created in Photoshop 3.0. That's funny 'cos it looks like a web graphic from 1995 too.
Still, it's the thought that counts. I bet in this case, it counts for a lot.
Aye it's the thought that counts and I'm sure the cast and crew will appreciate it when they see it. Tis a very nice gesture.
agreed Simon - I'm not a designer but I do know how hard it is to design something by committee.... because so many people care so intensely about it! I think it could be ochre and acid green with orange type & the crew would still love it. How many movie crews get this kind of reception? Nice work Browncoats!!

PS Barry - have you checked the price of a legal copy of Photoshop these days??
There have been some great professional-looking Firefly banners in the past, with some realy groovy cartoon images of the cast.
OT a bit, but if you can't afford the price of a new copy of photoshop and you want to stay on the legal side of things, you might want to look at the Gnu Image Manipulator. Works in Windows/Linux/OSX.

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