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November 01 2002

Original pilot to be last ever Firefly episode? Fox has scheduled an airdate for the original 2 hour pilot - at the end of the series in December, fuelling speculation that this will be the season finale.

Despite Joss's plea for fans to watch the show last week, ratings only rose by a couple of points reports FilmForce. If the show does get cancelled, 13 episodes will have been shown.

"Odds for survival: 100 to 1"

Damn. I was enjoying that show... :-(
Grr. Well, I'm burning all the epis to disc. So I can watch them again. And IN ORDER. On a Fridaynight with a bag of crisps and a cup of tea, when all the really cool kids go clubbing.

Can't get over the fact that this is likely to get canned when something like "Enterprise" is into it's second *boring* season.
*rages* what the hell? why are they like, "um... let's give it five minutes on the air and then IMMEDIATELY PULL IT OFF without giving ANYONE A CHANCE TO SEE IT!" jeez! stupid sitcoms stay on the air for seasons and seasons and they don't give a show like this time to get a fanbase? Damnit!

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