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May 22 2004

Whedon Uncut: Philly Writer Offers Fans Unedited Interview Transcript. Jerome Maida writes genre articles for the Philadelphia Daily News, and he needs your help (but he's also got a special gift for you).

A link to Maida's article 'Angel' is Dead, But Whedon's Still Alive was posted here on May 19th, but what fans read on the site fell far short of the original and lengthy interview. Of more than 7000 words of Whedon question-and-answer, a scant 478 made it into the final version. The rest? Sitting on Jerome's hard drive, lonely and unread.

Except he's kindly agreed to send it to anyone who requests it from him at For free. No strings attached.

Well, okay. Just one string, and it's not obligatory. The issue is this: Jerome's editors at aren't convinced that there's an audience for genre articles such as this (maybe the extensive edit was a sign of no confidence?). He'd like to prove them wrong. So, if you enjoyed either the online article, or the much longer transcript (yours just for the asking), then maybe take a moment to let his editors know this shouldn't be the last genre-related piece they run.

Their email addresses:

Howard Gensler (
Laurie Conrad (
Theresa Johnson (
(Jerome: "You could ask that your comments be forwarded to the Big Enchilada, editor-in-chief Zack Stalberg, too, if you'd like!")

Just to whet your appetite, I received a copy of the transcript. Among the topics: The Astonishing X-Men series, Marvel, and working in comics, with extensive AXM storyline/character specifics (the bulk of the interview); that 'hip, innovative' Whedon dialogue; future plans for the Buffyverse; and JW's thoughts on ED, DB, Chris Claremont ... and Buffy versus Batman!

Done! How'd you find out about this, Wiseblood? Anyway, thanks for posting it.
Yeah thanks, I'm writing that fellow as we speak. Cool stuff.
Thanks so much for the 'heads-up' on this, have just sent off my request. I think that what gets cut in interviews, is more interesting than what is printed/shown.
Thanks for letting us know about this, Wiseblood. I've sent off my request.
Done! I wonder if we'll ever find out how many emails they received?
I've sent off my request as well, thanks for the info! I want all the Jossy goodness I can get my hands on. It's nice of the interviewer to send out the transcripts free of charge.
Finding the transcript came about as a happy accident, actually. I lurk on writer Peter David's blog, and especially enjoyed reading his weekly recaps for Angel, including all the reader comments. Jerome had posted to mention he'd just gotten to interview Joss for an article that was coming out soon on, and that a great deal of the info had been cut. He made the offer to send it to anyone who asked. I took him up on it. He wrote me back very promptly, and after reading through the transcript I figured it was something that needed sharing because, hey, sadness. Not enough Joss in the world these days.

This way, Jerome's able to get the support from the genre/Whedon community to help keep his column going, and get his words out at the same time. He's a fan like us; he was bummed about the amount of stuff that got cut, and wanted to see that the whole thing got out where people who would appreciate it could find it. I figured, he helps us, we can help him. It's serendipitous synergy and good karma all rolled up into one -- just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

It definitely pays to lurk in interesting places. :)
thanks Wiseblood...!
Hey Wiseblood - I've also discovered's tv commentary of late. Always interesting and sometimes insightful commentary from another (dare I use the word) genre author concerning TV he's interested in and not financially involved with (he's written some Star Trek stuff, so doesn't comment hugely on that franchise - some hand, feed, biting, ouch kind of thing).
Yeah I check out Peter David as well. Often good stuff there. But I've written this guy a couple of days ago but no dice. Anyone receive this interview yet? I know I'm impatient, but...just thought I'd check.
EdDantes, I wrote him earlier this week, on a Monday, and he'd sent it by Thursday night. I guess he's probably gotten a lot of emails between now and then (which I warned him would happen), and perhaps it slowed him up. You should get it eventually.

It's worth waiting for. Just 'cause Joss is so funny. And I knew DB was a Deadhead, but I guess I didn't realize 'Not Fade Away' was as significant an Angel title for Joss as it was for David. He's apparently a fan of the band, too.

If you don't get it within a few days, let me know and I'll email a copy to you.
If I'm not mistaken, this is the same reporter that sat a few seats away from me at Eliza's Q&A this weekend. (I didn't catch his name, but he was in Philly and had recently sat down with Joss for an interview... I could be wrong though.)

It's very possible that with the convention in town, he was just busy and now that it's over, he can start sending the transcript out again.

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