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May 22 2004

Television's afterlife. An article about fan fic and the continuation of the adventures of our favourite TV characters. Joss Whedon reveals how much he loves the concept.

Would be nice to see someone do something similar to Watchers but for Angel Six. Granted, Watchers went a way different from where I would have gone, but frankly I think it best I didn't write Buffy eight. I attempted to write Buffy Seven the summer after Buffy Six, which was a fun exercise but in hindsight I think Mutant Enemy did a much better job. I just got all convoluted. I knew where I wanted to go but it was gonna take me twenty two episodes to get there, and I couldn't make it to the eighth script. Buffy Fan Fiction ain't as easy as it looks. I think perhaps I write too much about the topic anyway. Then there's Remnants which was my attempt at merging Firefly fanfic with Buffy and Angel fanfic. My eyes are bigger than my tummy. I have fun ideas but no follow through. Guess that's why I'm a fanfic wannabe and don't actually write that Great American Novel I've been meaning to get around to.

Y'know if many of us fanfictionadoes put as much energy into original work as we do in fanfic, maybe we'd actually get published offline... but where's the fun in that?

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Not sure Fox would like Joss saying he likes fanfic, isn't it technically illegal.

I've written a few fics over the years, only one ever been shown in any kind of public way, I tried to write two seperate ones in prose form, one after season 5 in which Glory had been resurrected and Wolfram & Hart gave Spike the oppurtunity to deactivate his chip, another after season 6 in which Buffy and Dawn were sent 200 years into the future, a world where evil ruled and their only ally was Spike fighting against the combined forces of Angelus, Drusilla, Vamp Willow and Xander, who had Faith trapped in some kind of stasis, both reached about page 10, then got deleted, became too difficult to write.

My Spike one on the other hand is still going strong, I still have 3 episodes of season 1 to write, but I know the season 2 arc, and the beginning of season 3, I feel I've finally found a premise, which if I choose to, I can run with until Geocities delete my site! And I feel that's the important bit, the premise of your fic, if you like your premise (mine's bloody ridiculous, and season 2 will start to dispel the ridiculousness (word?)), and you have a genuine love, and good understanding of the show it's derived from, you can run with it, it isn't a chore to write, it's why I write my Spike fic, but as much as I think it'd be funny my Alias prequel-comedy "Sloane!" shall never come to pass, I don't have a strong enough love for the show, and though i feel I could come up with completely ridiculous plot-twists, I couldn't work that into a spy show and still make it work.

I'm seriously considering writing a post-"Not Fade Away" fic, but there's no way I could do that ending justice. If there was a contest or a place where fic's continuing directly from "Not Fade Away" I'd definitely have a whack at it, it'd be fun to see other people's ideas too.

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I always liked the Cyberscripts folks, who did a great alternate Season Seven of Buffy. Well, the first third of it, anyway. I would have loved to have seen that go on. Watchers, not so much - it seems improbably slashy. "Not Fade Away" left a lot open, which I appreciated, though I'm sure the people who seek closure hated.
"Sloane!"?? Just that title conjurs up some sort of hilarious musical comedy that I'd love to see. As for fanfic, I've never read any and never written any, though I have had some intriguing ideas. I'd love to read some, but really don't want to slog through the thousands out there to figure out what's crap and what isn't. There's definitely an overabundance of it online, much like there's an overabundance of people who abuse Photoshop to create atrociously bad wallpapers.
"Sloane!" would be the tale of a pre-Alias Sloane, with him and Jack Bristow as field agents trying to work their way up the ladder of the evil alliance of 12. The plots would be even more farfetched (spelling?) than anything Alias could dream of. The regular cast would consist of Sloane, Jack and a 19 year old Marshall, Sloane would look younger and be a lot more upbeat, Marshall would have long hair fill the tech lab with rock n' roll music and swear a hell of a lot, (everything would be bitching and stuff eg: "This new device is the absolute dogs bollocks Arvin, those f*kking commy b*stards won't know what hit them") Jack would be the exact same character as he is in Alias and he would look exactly the same too.

A musical episode'd be great.
I haven't read any Buffy/Angel fanfic, but the concept interests me. Does anyone know of any good Buffy/Angel fanfic sites? Or ones where I could post my own fanfic?
Ghost Spike: As far as I know, fanfic is not technically illegal, as long as you're not selling it or passing it off as material coming from the original creators. The way corporations are making the law these days though, that could change quite easily.
I remember back in the days of Lois & Clark, I had heard once that the writers, although they knew of fanfic, never would actually read (or admit to reading) the fanfic because if they were to accidently take a concept, piece of dialogue, etc, then there could be lawsuits of sorts. Just a precaution ya know.
Yes I've heard the same comment about ME writers

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