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May 23 2004

Jane Espenson to write for 'Tru Calling' next season. Herc reckons we may have to start watching it now.

Nothing can make me watch that trash. Not even Jane Espenson! Cancel Tru Calling and make a Faith series instead!
I heard the finale of the season was promising. Maybe it deserves another chance.
The finale wasn't very promising really. I'm sad to hear that Jane is moving to Tru Calling since she is a much better writer than the show deserves, and it was great having her on Gilmore Girls. Besides, I think that Tru Calling has the ability to turn great writers terrible -- anyone see the Doug Petrie episode?
I'm actually really surprised that she moved shows...I wonder why, though...she wrote two eps of Gilmore Girls this season, if I recall correctly.

Ah, well.
Jane wrote an episode of the O.C. too in its first season (just started over in the uk on channel 4 I thought Iíd give it a try and saw Janeís name flash by...sadly I didnít fall in love with the O.C. just the fact that 'Nandy' from firefly was someoneís mother on the show!) I actually think I may start watching tru-calling once she joins...i can't believe Iím saying this! i just love the way she writes...but i have no qualms about watching because i know tru calling isnít long for this world. its on fox after all.
"she wrote two eps of Gilmore Girls this season, if I recall correctly."

Also only writing two episodes was Petrie for Tru Calling, RRK on Las Vegas and DZG on Smallville (Basically every ex ME writer, whose show survived). All of them are also moving on. RRK is replacing Jane at Gilmore Girls and DZG is going to The OC. Petrie left TC to develop LiS but then got sacked from that, not sure what he'll be up to now, and Im not sure if the 2 episode thing is a sign that they didnt work out or just that these series were bloated with staff and two epsiodes was an average.
I know it's up to the producers to decide the tone of the show, but maybe Jane could bring some much needed humor to Tru Calling. What I noticed about the few complete episodes I managed to get through was how lifeless it was; it seemed to be all exposition.

Maybe the "two episode thing" is the alloted number of episodes given to a new writer to see how they will work out.
Ocipital -> I guess to me it's just that the shakeup seems to be so weird. Is it normal for writers to float from show to show after only working one year on them?
I don't think she is leaving the GG - I think like a lot of writers in Hollywood she juggles a couple of shows if they are not head writer on one show. So she may just be penning an episode or two for the series.
I believe that Doug Petrie only wrote one episode of Tru Calling. That god awful high school reunion one. I don't recall any others.

Edit: Nevermind, looks like he also co-wrote the atrocious Flatliners rip-off episode. Poor Doug, I know he can do better.

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**Giggle,giggle** I wonder if now Jane is going to write some for TC if Danny Strong will be appearing in those episodes, kinda like he did on the Gilmore Girls. He is her favorite person to write for. :) Yeah! More employment for Danny. Can you see him as an EMT, bringing in the bodies.

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I think I'll have to start watching Tru Calling now.
No, she's not leaving GG. She's still a co-executive producer over there, and I'm sure she'll write more GG episodes next season, too.

As much as I love Jane's writing, there's just no way I'll be watching Tru Calling.
Tru Calling is the ehight of mediocrity. I watch it sometimes because of Eliza and because there's really nothing else on. But no, it's really not good. There are possibilities, but they never come out. I can already tell the second season is just going to be Tru and Jack running around trying to beat each other to whatever person's gonna die.

Hopefully Jane can add some much needed sparkle and wit to her eps.
I think its great that Tru will finally get a decent writer. After the finale, the show definitely has set itself up for what could be a more promising season. Maybe Jane will make things more interesting, and maybe some fellow Buffy alums could guest star next season. It would be interesting to see. I'm not saying Tru is a great show, I mean it really went on one note this season, but with the finale and a few epsiodes in the middle, I liked it. Hopefully season 2 has more to offer.
I adore Jane Espenson's talent, but I didn't start watching Gilmore just cuz she was writing for it and I won't jump to watch another episode of Tru just cuz she's involved. My favorite episode of Angel ever happens to be Rm w/a Vu. However, a talent like Espenson can't come in to a poorly premised series and save it from itself with only two episodes.

Fan fictionadoes should take note though. A professional writer like Espenson, jumping series like this? The only difference between what she's doing and fan fiction is she actually gets produced then she gets paid for it.

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