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November 01 2002

(SPOILER) Jumping ship? Joss Whedon on what could happen for the fifth season of AtS if BtVS finishes this season.

Not sure what to think of that. That would give Angel a MASSIVE cast and they're already swimming in 'em. 'Course, lots of 'em could die this season. Fred? Gunn? Do I sound hopeful?

Willow in L.A. would be interesting. Not sure how Xander would cope, he seems a small town guy to me. Anya'd be great, I think, she could open up a Magic Box franchise and start selling smart drugs.

The Sunnydale Scoobs would have to grow up a lot.

Ideal cast... Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Lorne, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Faith, Dawn and Connor? It'd be like BtVS S1,2,3. With a sexy green demon, and two smart teenagers on the side. Spike can do 'special guest' type stuff and insult Angel a lot.

OK, I'm all for it.
I too think it would be awesome for all of them to be together. We could lose Fred,(unless she becomes a tough ass), and Gunn, he bores me to death. Man, think of all the new storylines they could come up with.

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