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May 23 2004

Touched by 'Angel'. Chicago-Tribune writers' entertaining take on the series, including list of likes/dislikes sure to cause consternation and disagreement.

Refers to The WB as "evil weasels" and "meanies." Ouch.

Did this person even watch the same show?! I can see where this article is going to take us. I'll just sit back and see if I'm right... ;-)
She hated the two characters I loved most on that show. Spike and Darla. Go figure.
I agree with a lot of the article and disagree with quite a bit of it too. I wouldn't put Lindsey, Darla or Spike on the unloved characters list, and I'd kick Holtz and Groo off of the list of love. I also didn't see the Angel/Cordy romance as a missed opportunity, but more as something I wish could be wiped from my mind to forget it was ever even hinted at.

And no Electro-Gwen on the 'Characters We Didn't Love' list?? She'd be #1 on mine.
Although there are some characters I care for more than others, they were all necessary to tell the story. So theoretically you can say I love them all.
The writer said about Spike that she loved the actor and the character. Her complaint was that Spike had been given so much screen time in BtVS and later on Angel, that it took away from the ensemble-ness of the shows.
Gah! How can Lindsey be nr 1 on the "Characters we didnīt love" list. How can he be on that list at all?

I think I need to go lie down for a while. My head is spinning.
I'm happy Groo was on the "Characters we love" list. I always thought he was hilarious. Now, HE should have a spinoff! It can take place right after he leaves Cordelia so he's still brooding over that (that may parallel the beginning of "Angel" too much) but he's still trying to adjust to this new world and being all hilariously noble. It can take place in Washington DC, you know, because he kind of was in power in Pylea for awhile...or whatever. That's a terrible reason. Still, it'd be great. They can call it "Groo" or "Groosalugg" or "A New Groo" or "Our Big Lugg". You'll see. It's gonna be big!
I think I'd only watch that if it was a comedy. A noble knight-type with huge pupils in the big city? Hilariousness!
She is entitled to her own opinion, but her Love/Hate lists really need to be redone. I mean how can you say that the worst characters on Angel(top 5 anyway) should consist of Spike, Darla, or Lindsey. I mean I didn't like Lindsey very much, but he made things more interesting. She should have put Justine (that crappy wannabe slayer from season 3), Nina, Connor, or Groo on that Characters we hated list. Kate and Eve were good calls, well Kate anyway. Eve should have been explored more, she was given almost no depth and annoyed me. As for the characters we loved list, she really should take Holtz and Groo off of that list and reloctae them to the hate list.
People that should have been on the characters we loved list should have been Anyone from Angel's group, darla, angelus, faith, or countless others. Lilah, Cordy, and Wesley were good calls for the characters we loved. As you can see I had a problem with these lists.
I agree that Spike had to much screentime especially in Season 7 of Buffy
I hated Connor
Yeah take holtz off the list and groo too
I agree with the Cordy/Connor thing
Not with Darla
I would love to hear her ideas for how to explain away Charisma Carpetnter's pregnancy. I'm sure they're brillant.

Darn, I wish I had sarcastic font.
Groo. ewwww. I really dont think that Spike had "too much screentime" this season on Angel. Im not complainging, but I seriously dont think they gave him too much. he was for the most part (IMO at least) kinda side-kick-ish this year to the fang gang. much like he was in season four of Buffy. I think they were exploring and figuring out how Spike fit into the scene this year, and I think next year he wouldve had more of a meaningful role, not just cracking jokes. Oh well, theres always the "Spike" spinoff.(crosses fingas)

PuppetCancer out

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