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May 23 2004

Eliza Dushku Q&A. Excerpt from her talk at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Yeah, the first time i met Jason, i was in my cat suit (from the movie) and I went up to him and we were talking about both being from the East Coast and he's like,"Hey, I'm Jason nice to meet you - good rack."

Heh heh heh...
Hmm, it was not Mewes she said that about it was Jason Priestly cause it was kinda a double question she was askedabout working with Kevin Smith and then ask about Jason Priestly.

They kinda left out some ....

* She was asked if she was single and she said yes except for her dog but then she mentioned Robert DiNero's son being hot and boyfriend type matieral.

* Being a comicbook convention she was asked her favorite female comic book Superhero, to which she said she never really read comic books but then she kinda ask if there was a Supergirl, then she said it would be her.

* Who she looks up to and she said her mother - cause she is so wise and Eliza is a late life baby - her mother was 40 whenshe had Eliza. Eliza said she wont wait that long to have kids but she will wait until her 30's cause her 20's are for her.

* She was glad to see Tru getting some balls by the end of the season, and looks forward to next season.

* She will be starting another project over the summer but she could not go into details.

So just a few more items. Hopefully someone will come out with a more complete transcript of the q&a. I will say I do not think the convention staff expected as many people for Eliza as they got. I would say less than half of the people there got an autograph and the line started for her as soon as the doors openned and people were waiting outside since before 5am. One last item even though he did not do a q&a, another Buffy guest was at the convention Brian Thompson (Luke, the Judge) one of the best character actors in the sci-fi / fantasy business, he was signing autographs.
Here it's Jason Mewes who told he rshe had a nice rack, yet in another post it was Jason Priestly. Does EVERYONE in Hollywood tell hot actresses they have a great rack? I was in LA a couple of weeks ago, should I have been complementing women that way?
Not a word about Faith?

But seriously, ditch Tru Calling and go for Faith the series! Please! I'll even kill Jason Priestly for ya!
No words about Faith. There will be no Faith series. Get over it. Trust me. It wouldn't have been any better than Tru Calling. After the series finale of Angel, personally I'm wanting to see Lorne the series last seven years, before I ever see Faith again.
Her autograph line was maxed out before her Q&A even started. Which was disappointing, but I decided I'd rather attend her Q&A - as well as Quesada's just before her - than stand in line all day and miss everything else. Also, getting a seat four feet from her, in the front row, helped make up for the lack of autograph. I'm hoping that my pictures at least turn out well.

I knew before I got there, that we should have brought a tape recorder or camcorder. These questions and answers listed here are only pieces to the full hour that she responded. I'm really hoping to find a full transcript of that hour, but don't know how to go about finding it.

And the catsuit question was indeed referring to her first encounter with Mewes as it was in response to someone asking about the security around her trailer on the set of Jay and Silent Bob, just for the simple fact that Mewes hits on every girl. I'm fairly certain it was asked along with the question of why Kevin Smith calls her 'Duck shoot'. There were also random Faith questions. Someone asked what she thought Faith's theme song should be, and she immediately thought of Nine Inch Nails. She was asked how she liked kissing David Boreanez, and she said it was hot and great except that his vamp teeth nearly sliced through her tongue. At which point everyone was like 'Oh, so you're really kissing there...' And her response was something like 'What can I say, I'm a method actor' with a cheesy, embarrased grin. There was someone that asked how she liked kissing Spike - it took a few seconds for everyone to think, then she and a few people in the audience confusingly stated that Faith never kissed Spike... so she then added that D.B. Woodside was a great kisser too.

There was so much asked, and I have the worst memory. Someone asked about the charity that her family is involved in. People asked for advice for aspiring actors. (Some guy in the back received the response of 'Don't wear that shirt to the audition'.) A reporter sitting a few seats away from me asked how she felt about Joss recently saying how he knew the first time he met her, that she had the most potential to become a big movie star of any of the Buffyverse cast. (Or something along those lines.) She sounded shocked and flattered by this, and then kind of jokingly said 'So, what other good things has Joss said about me'. (I think I got a shot of her exaggerated pose for this question, which really added to the humour of her response.)

I can't remember exact quotes, so everything is paraphrased. Again, there was just too much for me to remember everything.

And there were definitely a lot of people there. The whole conference room was filled. In fact, I think there were people standing in the back of the room.

All in all, for my first Con, it was pretty groovy.
And I may sound like a goofy, star-struck fan... because... well... I am. ;)
Greyflowers thanks for the report, it sounds fun.
No ZachsMind, I don't think I will "get over it." Because I don't think it is a dead issue yet. Tru Calling sucks, we all tried it and it just doesn't cut it.

Eliza's not exactly an A list actress, so if she goes where the money is, I'm betting we'll see Faith within 2 years, Joss willing.

You needn't be rude about it.
Yes, I also agree that if Tru Calling doesn't last past next season there would still be interest in a Faith series. Obviously the reaction by the fans just waiting in line to see her is an indication at how popular a character Faith was and still is. I also think that having had some time away, Eliza would be interested in taking on the role again.

If Joss had a good premise for it, he'll still want to do it. He's not someone who gives up on an idea too readily. I also think that there would be more of a level of excitement being built up for a Faith series than if one had been produced right after Buffy. Especially now with Angel gone. I'd be happy with any spin-off at all but I know a lot of fans are still hoping for one based on Faith. Personally, since Illyria was introduced I'd love anything with her in it and Spike with her. I think there would be room for many Buffyverse spin-offs.

RavenU and Greyflowers, those were excellent summaries of the convention. I've never been to any and I do enjoy reading other peoples experiences. Greyflowers, you were very vivid in your description of Eliza's Q&A session it was easy to imagine the whole thing.
I'd be interested in any spinoff, Bwessels, especially one about Faith. I really wanted a Wesley/Illyria spinoff but oh no, Joss had to kill my sweet Wesley! He crossed a line with that one, he did!
Wesley dies? And thus ends my quest not to be spoiled. I thought I was safe in an Eliza Dushku Q&A thread. Oh well.
The only bad thing about the Q&A was that you really couldn't hear the questions people were asking. Although I did hear the one guy in the back ask if she would consider working with Lindsey Lohan. That was great I nearly peed myself.

Eliza also said that if Joss had something in the works for her, she'd consider it.
Eliza was wearing a nice white short jean jacket over an orange tank top with spagetti straps, with a couple of open buttons at the top, under that she wore a white tank top with wider straps. She was carrying a lovely and fashionable white purse that matched the outfit, and she went casual with blue jeans. Poor thing had to stand at a podium for the entire Q&A. She was introduced by her publicist and before she was introduced security took up their places at either side on the tiny stage, thankfully they hit the room lights and the place was fairly well illuminated before she came out.

When she arrived at the microphone (which was in her face for some of it but after a bit she moved it down a bit) , she put down her purse and coffee on the table to the side of the podiumn. She told the crowd thanks for coming out and that she could feel the love. While trying to figure out what the premise of the Q&A was going to be (the con lacked a bit of organization for this part), she told everyone about her NY excursion the day before, where she was at the FOX schedule release where they annouced a second season of Tru and she hoped everyone will watch. Her Publicist ask if there were any questions and the first coulple were just shouted out before the publist started choosing people with their hands raised. The first question I don't it had been mentioned anywhere was actually how she liked her trip to China, she responded that she liked going to Shanghai and Beijing, also she got to travel to some villages through inner Mongolia where few others have traveled before. She laughed, "I really liked it. Everyone is so tiny."

Then came a Buffy question, that was asking about the writing and such. Eliza smiled and told him that that was a Joss question and all she did was show up and try to get the lines right. Then she was asked what would Faith's theme song be, she thought the really crazy NIN one (yeah like that would narrow it down), then she said she probablly have a couple, including "Shook me" by AC/DC. She was then ask about her acting and what she would like to do, she says she really doesn't have a plan and every job she gets is still a surprise for her and she actually wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a teacher when growing up.

I think most of the rest has been covered through the other post.

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