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November 01 2002

(SPOILER) Whedon says chances for season 8 'good' reports SciFiWire.

In the last week, there has been several news stories that been contradicting one another regarding the future of BtVS. What's the right version? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If BTVS comes back WITHOUT Buffy, what the Hell are they going to call it? I still really like SMG, and personally hope she comes back. And I'm sorry, but what film career is she working on?
Are you forgetting the epics, Scooby-Doo and Simply Irresistable? LOL Plus, she can produce Freddie's neo-classics;)
A poster at the Cross and Stake says UPN and Whedon are meeting to talking about the series' future on November 18. A decicion will be made by Thanksgiving. Whenever that is.

I would really like a Season 8. I came to this series 'late'. I started with S1 "The Pack", but that was on Dutch TV and by then USA was running S4 or even 5, I think. I watched all of S1-S5 on video in one summer. I'd like to enjoy the series for a bit longer in 'real time' so to say.
Fourth Thursday of November, prolific. Occasionally it falls on my birthday, well, I allow it to. Maybe next year.

And I'm metoo'ing my pants. I started watching buffy after season six ended. Reruns on FX. I caught up with transcripts, reruns and mpgs before Lessons.

I can see an 8th season, with the writers doing a great job of Nona... er... Dawn. Especially if they can get Eliza Dushku to reprise her role. I bet a whole season could get along with the (oft-repeated) thing about the council stopping and restarting the heart of buffy to up the number of evil-fighting sexy gals. Meaning cameos by SMG. And a dramatic fight between Faith/scoobies and the council would be loverly. Sure, Buffy's not supposed to be in the slayer lineage any longer, but Whedon can do what he likes with his show. For he is The Creator. Hallelujah.
stavrogin---love the 'Nona' reference ;)
She'll always be Nona to me. :)
can't they just fix the Buffybot and use her instead?


oh wait...
Frankly I'm rather surprised Willow hasn't made a TaraBot. Perhaps that'd be a bit too corny.. or disturbing.

They could continue on with whomever signs on for another season. They just change the name, is all. There's some who argue that it's the name which has harmed the series more than anything. People see a tv series named after someone named "Buffy" and they change the channel before finding out how great it actually is. The name is rather painful. The best thing that could happen to the series could be SMG's departure.

Unfortunately, they can't call it, "The Scoobies." That'd only be worse, and there's a question of copyright infringement I think. Let's see what we have left. Giles probably won't continue on. ASH has tired of the whole thing. It's lucky for them to get him for half a season. So we can write him out. Emma Caulfield's preparing herself for "Evil Tooth Fairy the sequel" so she's right out. Tara's dead, so they probably won't bring back Amber Benson. That's a mistake if they don't. She's one of the reasons I liked season six. They are bringing Faith back, and if Eliza Dushku has realized that it's better to have a steady paycheck than *maybe* a film role, she could be a possible for season eight. Nicholas Brendan, Alyson Hannigan & James Marsters are signed on for another season by all accounts. I doubt Michelle Trachtenberg has anything better to do.

So they can just drop the Buffy and call the show "The Vampire Slayers." We still have Xander, Willow, Spike, Dawn, and maybe Faith and Clem. Even I could write a season eight focusing on those characters, and I write for suck.
Instead of a TaraBot it would be better for Willow to find someone new and then cast a spell on herself to see this new person as Tara. That is, if AB was coming back. :-( I think it could be a metaphor for "transference" (as Riley put it).

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