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May 24 2004

Summing up the season on the networks. A general overview of the best end of season's episodes. Angel is highlighted as a runner-up (req req).

"Runner-up: The series finale of ``Angel.'' I suspect there are some who thought the ending was a bit too open-ended -- and rather dark -- but the show went out in style"

You might want to add reg req'd to see the article, to the main description.
There are no two words more evil than the dreaded "registration required."
MindPieces, I would have to disagree:

"Cash bar."

Now there's an evil expression.

My wife still thinks everybody died shortly after the show. A colleague here at work thinks maybe a masterstroke by one of the group (Angel slaying the dragon) could so dispirit the now leaderless hordes and send them away in a messy retreat. And another thinks that Buffy and all the former SITs show up and save the day.

Me, I just wish I could see it.
Since the finale was supposed to be a perfect set-up for season 6, I think it's pretty clear that they didn't all die. I think Angel, Spike, and Illyria lived for sure, although Gunn's fate is more questionable.
Oh, I think it's pretty clear that Gunn was not long for this world...Illyria seems to have a knack for spotting mortal wounds.
see Shroedinger's Cat.
I have the same thoughts as Invisible Green. Not to mention that both Joss and Chris Buchanan have said that Angel's story will go on, in some form. That let's you know right there, that at least someone survives.

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