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May 24 2004

"Buffy The Animated Slayer" Artwork. This has been posted before a while back, but with all the rumors about the show at the moment, thought people might like to see it.

It's weird, there's something so childlike about it, yet something morbid and adult. I makesa me want to see more
Well, I'm not loving the butt crack, but otherwise it's intriguing.
Agree with you there about the butt crack because the Buffy we know never wore anything like that but if it's to fit in with the styles of today, a lot of young girls do wear pants that show off their butt cleavage.
The library looks like the original one in the pilot, with the spiral staircase!
I didn't notice the butt crack until you pointed it out. [Sarcastic] Thanks, teradia!

I like the character designs a lot, though.

Something funny: now has these posted, and they're saying that the animated series will air very soon, and these are proof. Too bad no episodes have been produced yet.
I'm glad to see talk about the possibility of the animated series becoming a reality. I was excited about it when it was first announced and then the news came out that Joss and Co. couldn't find a network to pick it up.

I remember an interview with the artist last year posted on a fan site. It was an interesting read. I'll go search for it.
These aren't proof that the animated series is going to happen. These are proof that it was once in the planning stages and could have happened. I think it's safe to say that any rumors are, for the time being, just rumors.
Funny how the library has a thrid floor here! Cool designs overall, good job at keeping the likenesses. So this might yet come out after all huh? Well, maybe anyway. Interestingly enough it's already been taken out of IMDB. I can't find it at least and I know it used to be in there.

And nothing wrong with a little butt crack on a Slayer ;-)
I noticed that about the library, too. Wonder why they chose to model it off of that rather than the library we know and love.

It's been awhile since I'd looked at these. I'd forgotten they were meant to take place within the high school years, and that comes as some relief, as an animated series meant to take place post S7 would be a bit disappointing, I think.
I think it's cool that Dawn would be in it. That means all the animated episodes would just be taking place within the altered memories of the Scoobies. kinda trippy.
I like the animation a lot. Except Cordelia's legs are WAY too long. They were really freaking me out.
Has anyone heard whether Charisma Carpenter will be lending her voice to the series? I can't imagine anyone else stepping into Cordelia's shoes and getting her attitude just right.
I like the idea even more now. It seems that the more I learn about BtAS, the more I want to watch. I really hope a majority of the cast members return. I mean its the easiest job, why wouldn't they? And its also a reason to reunite the cast. I think this show could kick some major ass, in terms of most of the cartoon garbage out there. This show would probably draw in more people, they might be younger, but the more Buffy fans on board the better.
I'd worry about the show getting picked up by a network before I'd start worrying about the cast. I would prefer the original cast,but if that's not possible, then there's lots of great voice impersonators out there.

And Gio, I agree with you that tAS would be a hit, since it would pull in a younger audience in addition to current Joss devotees.
Well I think since Nick and Aly's mother about Aly both have rescently mentioned doing voice for it - I seems to be in the making. So I would put that in more than a rumor stage. As for animation who knows.

Going back to the butt crack shot did anyone else flashback to "Hush" and Buffy's reaction to Giles drawings of her (her hips in particular) and do you see the same reaction if she saw that drawing. :)
I still hope that, if Gellar won't do her voice (and she probably won't), Sherilyn Fenn is such a close vocal match, she'd be perfect for it.

Also, my head will ring with the eerie phrase "butt cleavage" for the next week. Thanks, guys.
A little off topic, but I think Aly did some voice work on last nights "King Of The Hill". The funny thing was did some singing as well. She did a weird version of "Genie In A Bottle", which shows that she is willing to sing, unlike various things I read about her doing "Once More With Feeling". Anyway, she did a pretty good job.

Also, it would not suprise me if MT doesnt end up doing Dawn. I say this because Dawn will be much younger, and all the press she did when Euro Trip came out sounded like she was trying to distance herself from Dawn.

And oh yeah, if they do all three years of High School do you think they will use the Mayor or Faith at all? That would be great.
Ah, finally found the old interview with Eric. It's at
Okay...since WHEN does Buffy fight demons in a MICRO-MINI?????

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but at present, Buffy the animated series has about as much chance of happening as BBC's Ripper. Choose heads or tails, flip a coin five times. If you get what you chose three outta five, that's about the odds.
I think that the animated series is more likely to happen than "Ripper," at least at the moment. And I think "Ripper" will happen eventually, though not necessarily within the next few years.
ASH is fifty. If they don't go into production within the next few years, when they do finally get around to it, Ripper the six episode BBC miniseries is gonna look like the Dick Van Dyke reunion show. As it is they will have to hire some other guy to be young Giles in the flash backs. Anyone who saw the movie Space Cowboys knows the special kind of hell that can induce.
ASH isn't *that* old. Besides, he looks great for his age. And last I heard, Joss wanted to do "Ripper" as a TV movie, not a series.
Okay...since WHEN does Buffy fight demons in a MICRO-MINI?????

was that written in sarcasm font?
Why is everyone saying that this is just a rumor?

Joss said that the only Buffy spinoff he's working on right now is the animated series.

Working on. Right now.

I take that to mean its a go, people.
When and where did Joss say this? Do we have links?
Also I don't believe anybody's actually purchased the show yet.
ASH is fifty. According to the IMDB website he was born in February 1954. He does look very good though and I don't think his age would be a problem doing a series. Now, Buffy at 50 could be a problem!!
If it ever happens -- and that's a big if, folks -- it would likely be a limited series. (That, and the fact that ASH lives there are probably the two main reasons for trying to do it for British TV.) So he wouldn't have to worry about doing this when he's sixty.

Regardless, though, it's not as if Giles is supposed to be so much younger.

I'm still wondering about this "animated series definitely going to happen" business.
unreality - read the recent Entertainment Weekly interview with Joss.
Thank you IGreen, I was hunting for where I read that. Also, I don't know how to post links. I just knew that he had said it.
For those, like me, who were still looking: here's the link. It's good to know it's still in the works. That doesn't, however, mean it will ever see the light of day.
EW: So they invested millions in a show they didn't like, just to kill it? Why would they do that?
JW: [Bewildered] Because Fox is a bad network that makes bad decisions. [ While The WB would not comment, a Fox spokesperson said: "We wish Firefly had found an audience, and we would like nothing better than to be in business with Joss again."]


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