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May 24 2004

Buffy featured on Bravo's TV Revolutions. Begins May 24 at 8pm EST. Buffy is featured in "Maids, Babes, and Mothers." Joss is also interviewed in Wednesday's 9:00 episode "Body Count."

There was a TV Revolutions thingie on last night. There was a feature about Buffy, where Joss explained the reasoning behind creating that character. There was also a sound byte of Elisabeth Rohm talking about the show. Joss also talked about Xena (it's underappreciated and was revolutionary), and how much he completely despised Ally McBeal.
The episode that lalaa mentions is indeed the one being rerun tonight at 8 Eastern, with a new installment (about sex on TV) to follow at 9. I'm looking forward to catching it this time around, especially now that I know that Joss is dissing Ally McBeal, a show that I similarly detested. I love series like this.
Last night's episode was "Out of the Closet" about the evolution of how gays have been portrayed on television. Joss discussed how he didn't want Tara and Willow's relationship to be for the viewer's edification or a ratings grabbing stunt. He called Ally McBeal simpering(amongst other things)--to my utter delight. In "Maids, Babes, and Mothers" he explained how his mum was a radical feminist and that Buffy is strong but she's still a girly girl. He also wanted the message to be like a Flintstone's vitamin-- a cute shape that goes down easy but is still good for you. I planned on watching the series anyway-- it's quite interesting-- but Joss being on it actually made me jump up and down with glee.
Aah, that's right -- there were two new specials last night. According to Yahoo, "Out of the Closet" will be rerun at 1AM on early Wednesday morning, and then a couple of times again over the weekend.

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