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May 24 2004

Sarah Vowell On Buffy... & Ally McBeal. An oldie but a goodie I found while surfing this afternoon. Enjoy.

Mostly a smart takedown on 'McBeal' but the BTVS stuff is wonderful.

There's a chapter in her excellent The Partly Cloudy Patriot that makes reference to Buffy. She's buddies with Doug Petrie.
[Homer voice] Mmmm.. Sarah Vowell..!
Sarah Vowell liking BtVS is so cool; not that many professional journalists would have the guts to admit they follow a TV show about a blond girl from SoCal who kills vampires. I remember hearing that bit on the CD version of PCP and thinking that a lot of NPR people seem to appreciate and admire Joss's work, even when other people make fun of them.

Case in point: Ira Glass (of "This American Life") is also a fan of Buffy. I read in an interview last year that his girlfriend got him hooked on watching it. He even knows the soundtrack to OMWF. :)
NPR is responsible for introducing me to people like Ira Glass, David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, Karen Armstrong... and "Buffy" before I was willing to accept it. David Bianculli would mention it when he was on Fresh Air and I'd always think "How old are you? Isn't that some silly/campy show?" My sister watched and she finally got me hooked. Then it was like "Oh, foolish me. This is my favorite show ever!" She didn't watch "Angel" so now I'm trying to return the favor and get her hooked on that.

Wiseblood--Thanks for the link to the interview with Ira Glass. I love "This American Life".

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