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November 02 2002

(SPOILER) It isn't over yet for Firefly Whedon and Minear fight back in a Zap2it interview.

Okay. So Firefly is a story that's not about anyone special, and there's no major plot arcs going on, and the main thrust of these characters is just "getting by."

Reads like Whedon's completely abandoning the very things that make his other shows great. I've only seen part of one episode, because it's on a bad night and I'm usually working. What little I saw, I wasn't impressed, but that's largely cuz it was the last half of the episode and I had no idea what was going on. When I'm not working on a Friday night, I'm out partying. So I've been trying to not make up my mind about the show until I found an opportunity to give it a chance. However, this article begs the question.

Why should I get fired up about Firefly?
Why should I get fired up about Firefly?

One bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

Sober? No clue. Maybe the pilot would answer alot of questions.
I like Firefly because it's got Whedonesque dialogue and interesting stories and it's not about whiny young Californians for a change. You can't judge the series from one episode, especially since there have been one or two duds. The last two or three episodes were good and one of them was one of the best hours on television I've ever seen ("Out of Gas").

On a shallow note, my problem with Firefly is that there isn't anybody on the cast that I'd want to shag. A very important factor in TV shows, if you ask me. (I seem to be the only one, because all I hear is people dig Jayne, Kaylee, Mal and Simon so much.)

It's a quality show and it should be given time to develop. It is so much better than "Enterprise" it's frightening to this old Trekkie.
Enterprise is awful. Do you the magazine SFX in Holland prolific? Cause there's some very interesting gossip about potential future Star Trek serieses.
There's a Waterstones branch and an "American Book Store" in Amsterdam that both carry SFX, I'll go have a look!
it's the most recent edition of SFX with Pierce Brosnan and SMG on the front cover.

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