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May 25 2004

Scholars plan to espouse merits of Buffy. Another article on the upcoming conference that will focus on its themes of redemption and mortality. The Buffy papers lists a few of the topics that will be discussed.

I wish I could be there.
Me too. Sigh.

Was just reading some of the article to co-workers who became instantly afflicted with eye-ball-rolling disease. We then got talking about shows that some people don't "get" (even people we care about) such as Monty Python. Now we are reciting Monty Python sketches and giggling.

I'd like to do a paper about Monty Pythonisms in the Buffyverse. Buffy + Conference + Beer + Monty Python. Sigh. Joss Whedon reciting the Dead Parrot Sketch. Sigh.

Silliness abounds today. JW withdrawal is setting in.
and not until Season 6 does she pay the consequences...

Oh please. That Hertz guy is just a bit too preachy for my tastes. What's next on his list, Warren played with electronics and look what that did to him...
Just had a conversation over lunch with a friend about how Angel's whole plot arc was about redemption. That he had been suffering while he had a soul for all the evil he caused when he didn't have a soul. His whole driving force of life was to try to do enough goodness to overshadow all the wrong things he had done. One can argue that by taking down the Circle of Thorns he'd accomplished that. That the slate was now clean, but he never figured out that no amount of good was going to erase the bad. He never really came to terms with it. He never put it behind him really. Others could argue that's what kills him, or at least leaves him in an alley fighting for his life for seemingly all eternity. NO amount of good deeds would be enough. There's buddism and judeo-christian motifs and even dianetics in that I think. All kinds of theology and philosophy and literary metaphors one can derive just from the ending of Angel.

Are they just gonna talk about Buffy at this conference, or will Angel get his day in the sun too? ...Perhaps I should rephrase that.
My wife and I are going to be at the conference Thursday night through Sunday evening. The majority of the papers focus primarily on BtVS, but there are a few papers that either include Angel: The Series or focus on the characters of that series, such as Wes and Cordelia. There's also a panel discussion about the end of AtS.

Check out the draft of the SCBtVS Program here...
Well I'm impressed that this is the largest academic conference devoted to a single TV show (or there abouts). I bet Joss never saw that coming when he thought up the idea of "Rhonda the Immortal Waitress" or whatever his original name for BtVS was..
This is my favorite paper title:

A Vampire Is Being Beaten: De Sade Through the Looking Glass in Buffy and Angel.
Haunt? You can link to the URL if'n ya wanna. I just got it in an email from someone responding to me about this thread and I was gonna link to it anyway. =) Personally I'll be nowhere near Nashville Tennessee on Memorial Weekend. Sounds like it'll be fun though.

...I wonder just which moment David Bianculli was/is/will be talking about? Just which single moment in Welcome to the Hellmouth would turn a critic's head and turn them into a Buffyholic? There's a lotta great moments in that first one. The underlying theme of it is seizing the moment. I was gonna describe my favorite moment here, but I can't decide.
ZachsMind, I haven't learned all the HTML codes for this site... I'm pseudo-computer illiterate. The other site I frequent uses different code than here apparently.

I'm used to doing it like this -- [url=]Slayage Conference Program[/url]

Is there a handy list or FAQ that I'm just not seeing?
It's <*a href=""> and <*/a>, but without the asterisks.
Oh. Oops. My fault for assuming html was now common knowledge. Color me ashamed.

It's basic html tagging, Haunt. And it's not as difficult as it sounds. WebMonkey was one of the resources I used to teach myself back around 94 or 96 somewhere around there. I haven't looked at it in years though and it appears to have changed dramatically so I can't vouch for it anymore. I also read HTML for Dummies first edition, and became a tagging guru overnight. The art of web design has since left me far behind, because I never figured out forms and javascript and cold fusion and all that stuff. Notepad was my proggie of choice. Front Page just hurt my head. Hope that helps! =)
Just to take this tpoic a bit farther afield, is a great resource for modern html/css and gives a glimpse into what the gurus are saying about code and standards.

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