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May 25 2004

"Wonderfalls" on DVD! This holiday season may see the release of the series.

Another Xmas, another cancelled Fox show on DVD, wonder what they'll cancel this year!

Well, let me be the first to say that this makes me very happy and pisses me off royally at the same time. I'm very happy because I want to see those unaired episodes and will buy the DVD if it's released; and pissed off royally because it's those same bastards at Fox who *cancelled* the show who will be taking my money for the DVD when/if it comes out.

Yeah, I know, I should just shut up and take what I can get - right?
Yay! Numfar! Do the dance of joy.

Actually, wissxwe, it's 20th Century Fox that will be producing the DVDs. It was the network Fox that cancelled the show. The two are completely different corporations.
I cannot wait for this, I really liked this show!
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Joy!
Y'know maybe it sucks that Firefly & Wonderfalls got cancelled, but the more I think about it the more I realize I wish I could get a show cancelled on Fox. Y'know whut ah meen Vern? I mean that's a pretty nice feather in one's cap, to get cancelled by a major network. Some of the best shows ever to have been on TV have been cancelled.

Heck, even Moon Unit Zappa has been cancelled. Granted, it was immediately after her pilot, but she can say she's been cancelled. I can't say that. So there's something to be said about getting cancelled. Joss Whedon's been cancelled three times, four if you wanna count Buffy twice, but technically UPN didn't cancel Buffy. So. Three times! That's commendable! They should give out badges for that!

It's like Apollo 13. Cancellations in tv land are the equivalent of successful failures. There was the launch and the crash, and somehow you walked away from it. Any landing where you can live to tell the tale is a good landing.
Excellent!! This is the best news I've heard all day.

And just to clear things up, there is a difference between 20th Century Fox and Fox Television. Same mother company, but run by different people. Giving money to 20th Century Fox is not akin to giving money to the people who cancelled your show.
Color me underwhelmed. Wonderfalls was ok, but I won't be buying the dvd.

Funny how I saw it being compared to Northern Exposure a couple of times, and that's the dvd I'm forkin' over the dough for...
I'll be first in line to buy 'em up. I haven't watched the two unaired episodes. I was holding out for a DVD release to see them all in order. This news makes it that much easier to wait.

Tim promised an arc. I want to see it properly.
I can't wait! I'll definitely be picking up the DVDs if they get released. After only 4 episodes this show weaved it's way into my lexicon ("get off your ass!") and my heart. Having a show cancelled by Fox is an obvious sign that you did something right.
And what about "Still Life." FOX cancelled that before they even set an airdate. It must be too good for TV. We probably can't get a DVD release for that, though.
Okay!!!Now I am just very happy.
YES!!!! Oh I can hardly wait. I admit, I got my hands on a bootleged copy of eps 6&7 and they were so wonderful it only fueled my frustration over not having any more to see. I'm going to put some money away for these things right off so that I'm not scrounging during the holidays.

heheh, "flood of postcards"
every vote counts
Finally something good happened to one of my dead TV shows. Its great that they finally decided to realease it on DVD. But if Fox sees good DVD potential, will good sales lead to the return of Wonderfalls to TV? I mean thats how Family Guy is getting its second chance.
Fox have said not to expect other shows to get revived as a result of DVD sales, Family Guy did amazingly well, though Wonderfalls was very good, I doubt it has wide enough appeal to do similarly well.

Still, nothing to stop us hoping, Firefly got a movie afterall.
Also, Family Guy is a cartoon. It's much easier to assemble a show back together when all the cast has to do is record voice work (no rehearsal time needed, shorter amount of time recording than filming a show) and when no sets have to be built or rebuilt. Not to mention that the cost of a cartoon is much less than the special effects needed for a series. Family Guy, from what I've read, was also a relatively easy cartoon to make. Futurama, another very worthy cartoon that Fox cancelled, is selling tons of DVDs, too, but their animation (a lot of which uses computers for the 3D-looks) is apparently far too expensive to make it cost-effective for Fox. Which is a shame, because it's a brilliant show. Family Guy is fun and snarky, but definitely not brilliant.
You don't think Family Guy is brilliant? I think others might disagree. Family Guy is a fearless show that went everywhere and anywhere. There were no taboo subjects for that show.
Family Guy was daring, and hilarious, but Futurama though not always as laugh out loud funny, was a better show.
"Family Guy" is good, but IMHO, not brilliant. It's just a well-made rip-off of "The Simpsons" that's more provocative (but not as funny) as "The Simpsons."

"Futurama" is my favorite animated series, because it was able to be funny with meaning. Also, it's had some great dramatic episodes. You can't help getting teary at the end of "The Luck of the Fryrish," "Leela's Homeworld," or "Jurassic Bark."

Is "Family Guy" really that much more expensive than "Futurama?" They appear to have very similar animation styles.

Also, I don't think "Wonderfalls" has any chance of coming back to TV.
This is really great news!! this show is so funny and fresh, and from the scripts I read of the other episodes not aired (couldn't help myself) the show just gets better and better, and there is defenietly a strong captivating arc across those episodes...can't wait:))
Maybe... just maybe... FOX is not that evil.....
Not that they're not evil, like most of networks or multinational companies are, just not as evil as I believed they were.

Well, I was just re-watching "Damage" which was finally broadcasted here in Brazil (can't even believe it was only a few days ago I was watching and re-watching Not Fade Away). As you may know, international distribution and broadcast (at least for Latin AMerica) is handled by FOX itself.

Anyway, right after that Angel and Spike's pep talk about evil and monsters, right before the final credits. And exactly right before they showed the previews for "You're Welcome", they showed a preview for Wonderfalls, annoucing it for July.
Yeah... I couldn't believe I was seeing it, my mouth was even open for a couple of minutes.

After FOX America canceled right after the 4th episode, I thought that there would be no chance they would show it here.

I was never in love with Wonderfalls (not as much as I was for either BtVS or Firefly), but I really liked it.
I do hope that they end up showing all the episodes produced, which were 13, am I right?
After all, we saw the whole run of Firefly and we did see first those last 3 episodes of Firefly (which really surprised me back then), that FOX America never broadcasted in the US.

I don't know if I'm getting the DVDs for Wonderfalls, but I'll definetely tape the episodes.

As I was saying maybe, just maybe FOX isn't that much more evil than other multinational media companies.
They're still evil, not briging the rest of the run of BtVS DVDs, or the Angel DVDs because Mexican Market isn't receptive, that's really evil (cause Brazil it's way larger country), but no sweat, we'll work around it.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2004-05-26 04:29 ]
I'm beginning to think one of the many possibilities here is that networks are not necessarily wanting a lot of mainstays that aquire a small but loyal following. They seem to be gearing more towards the thought of a series that lasts a season or part of a season and doesn't have to get renewed unless it breaks into a wider demographic.

In other words, they're completely oblivious to the needs of their audience.
I'll believe it when I see it, still it's Wonedeful news! YES!!
I'm with Willowy on this one. I thought Wonderfalls was good but not enough to want to spend money on it. I'm already in debt buying all the Whedon shows on DVD and I'd love to have Northern Exposure too but will have to wait for that. For all those who don't know, James Marsters guest starred in a couple of Northern Exposure episodes! In one he was a reverend and in another he was a bellhop.
You know, until recently, I thought "Northern Exposure" was the overseas title for "Twin Peaks." I have no clue how I got that idea. I would love to check out "Northern Exposure," but with a first season of only eight episodes costing $50, there's no way I'm buying the DVD's. So I'll have to wait until they become cheaper or I actually have money.

I am surprised that "Wonderfalls" could come out this December, cuz that's so fast, even faster than "Firefly." I had confidence that "Wonderfalls" would be released, but I thought it wouldn't be till late 2005 or 2006.
Mindpieces wrote:
"After only 4 episodes this show weaved it's way into my lexicon ("get off your ass!") and my heart. '

Mine, too. I was going to read the scripts because I thought a DVD was a long shot. Now I'll wait until December.

I've read comments from those who have seen later unaired 'sodes and they say the show gets even better. Maybe, maybe not. But I think you who have already made up your minds to dislike WF may want to give the later 'sodes a chance to win you over.

About Still Life: Someone I know who saw it shook his head when I asked him about it. And there was never much buzz on it at thefutoncritic, aint-it-cool or zap2it.

Invisible Green:
I can't blame you for not wanting to blow $50 US on a short TV series, soooo, why not wait till Northern Exosure shows up on the used DVD shelves at about half the original price? I pretty much buy everything second-hand now. Although prices in Toronto have been coming down to where new issues of older titles are showing up at $6.99 a disc. Whoa!
but with a first season of only eight episodes costing $50, there's no way I'm buying the DVD's.

Do you have a multi region machine? Series One is about 11 at Which is about $20.
Is "Family Guy" really that much more expensive than "Futurama?" They appear to have very similar animation styles.

That's what I read, Invisible Green. This is what, the best Futurama site, says: "Before you get your hopes for Futurama up too much, remember that Family Guy was quite some cheaper to produce per episode. But of course, you can always hope and then hope some more still." So it's not definitive proof, but at least to me, Futurama looked more expensively done than Family Guy.

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