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May 25 2004

The Firefly Timeline. Here's how it is.

Oh, excellent timeline. I wasn't expecting it to go all the way back to Revolutionary War, but that does make some sense. Watching the series gave me a deep and abiding desire to run an RPG in the setting, and this is a *very* useful resource. Thanks a lot for posting it.
Excellent. I'm impressed.
Me too! What a ton of work! It would make a great extra on the DVD for the movie!
I was involved briefly with a group at with a sort of role playing game project. I got to play Wash. =) We each chose a character from the show and kinda improv'd a fanfic, each of us offering our 'moves' as the story progressed. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to continue, but it started taking up a lot of time. In the end I thought it more fair to give my character up for someone who could devote more time to it.

My point is, the Firefly setup is an ideal one for role playing opportunities. If there was some way to do it where one could step in when they have free time and then step out without distrupting things for everybody else, that'd be great. I dunno how that'd work though. Doing it online, you'd think you could just post a quick move and walk away get on with your day, but the experience can kinda occupy your grey matter off and on for days because it's such an exciting and intriguing concept, mentally walking those corridors and getting under the skin of one of the roles. It's really cool.

Also, one wouldn't need to limit oneself to the Serenity. You could set up a whole new ship and make up crew characters, then fly the ship through what we know of Whedon's Firefly Universe... But then nobody gets to play Wash. Playing Wash is great! Cuz you get to drive the ship! And you get to play with the little dinosaur figures! And every once in awhile if you're lucky, Zoe wraps herself around you and begs the question "Who's wearing the pants in this relationship?" And you also get to say occasional pithy, amusing, passive aggressive oneliners. Wash is like the Chandler of the group. The trick to playing Wash is he's nervous about the little things but with big things like bluffing a bar full of rowdy guys or playing chicken with Reavers he's cool as a cucumber until it's all over, and then he freaks out over rice pilaf or something.

In order to do roleplaying with Firefly, the timeline is a good start. However you'd also need to hammer out where all the planets are in relation to each other. Has anyone come up with something like that yet? The timeline's got some clues, but some planets are in the core and others are closer to the outer rim. Also try to pick up a couple handy chinese phrases from the show. Thanks to Firefly, I can now say "Monkey Butt" in chinese! That's my favorite. =)

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