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November 04 2002

(SPOILER) Buffy 7x06 "Him", the wildfeed. So... how did you cope with a Buffless week? If you think this was bad wait until episode 9. Apparently there's a 5 week wait till epi 10. The horror!

I'm one of those lucky canadians who gets the episode on a monday night, and let me tell you, this episode is _really_ funny. It's everything that the first and second seasons were without the kitchiness (well, this episode has got _some_ kitchiness - but the good kind).

I think this season is turning out to be one of the best, but I guess after the motional trainwreck that was season 6, almost anything would be better.
I laughed out loud a few times the first viewing, last night. I'm really enjoying the season so far, but Buffy's like a different person in each episode. I'm hoping it's deliberate and not bad continuity.

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