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May 27 2004

Buffy!! X-Men!! Serenity!! Wonderfalls!! Herc's Strong Box!! More news on the Buffy animated series (looking more and more likely), learn who else is going to be in the Firefly movie and lots more at Ain't It Cool News.

Hot Damn, Joss got a great actor for Serenity in Chiwetel

cannot wait for this movie
"This sort of thing almost never happens to “Walker: Texas Ranger"

That line just cracked me up. And so true. How many books, papers, essays and studies have gone in to Buffy's filosophical, linguistic, spiritual and sociological aspects?

And how many other shows have that much written about those kinds of aspects? Charmed? Smallville? Dawson's Creek? Didn't think so. Certainly not poor ole Walker.

How did that one go again? 'If an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger changed your may be a redneck';-)

i can see an academic book on 'charmed' -

it would be empty :)
"i can see an academic book on 'charmed' -it would be empty :)"

you mean to say an academic book on charmed would have pages?
My knowledge of American high schools is not that great so what is a sophomore year and which season of Buffy would this be set in?
And how many shows are able to make the fans not only follow the work of the cast who made it, but also from the crew itself, and not sorely on the creator. Not many, I believe so.
A lot of shows have very proeminent writers, but I don't see follow ups wondering where they might be next.

Sophomore year, it was Buffy's first season.
Freshman year was back when she was called, and Merrick contacted her in LA.
She started sophomore year when she moved from LA to Sunnydale.
Season 2 was Junior year, and Season 3 Senior.

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Thanks for that Numfar PTB. In case anyone is wondering what it'll be like to see Dawn in season one, I suggest they check out the Buffy: False Memories comic book TPB.

There are several reworked scenes with Dawn in them. Most notably Dawn seeing The Master kill Buffy and telling Xander and Angel to save her.
I wonder what Dawn's memories, if any, of Band Candy would be!?!
I have not picked up the False Memories comic book. The idea of Dawn's memories of Band Candy would be ... "Mom ... Giles ... Mom ... Giles ... *tears*"
The most evil servers on the internet thwart me yet again. I guess I'll be checking back on this one later.

I'm really excited about the prospect of an animated series, I definitely think it could work as long as the writers from the show have a hand in it. Joss hasn't let me down yet, and I don't think he'd even bother with an animated series if he wasn't passionate about the idea.
Does anyone else have real trouble getting to to this site? I've saved it to my favourites and I still can't get on it? Anyone know what I can do, save write an angry letter to Herc

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I remember seeing that actor in Dirty Pretty Things (with Audrey Tatou from Amelie, rent both of them if you haven't already). Firefly/Serenity is doing great for supporting cast so far.

Wonderfalls DVDs sooner rather than later...sweet. I haven't seen anything past the fourth episode, I refuse to download lesser-quality or episodes that may not be completely finished.
Apocalypse wrote:

"Does anyone else have real trouble getting to to this site? "

Ain't It Cool News is often so busy you'll have to wait to get in. I usually don't bother in prime time hours (NorthAm, that is, -4 to -8 hrs from GMT.)

Wow. Chiwetel Ejiofor is in the cast! He ruled in Dirty Pretty Things. He acted with grace and gentleness, yet provided a powerful performance -- the one where an actor carries an entire movie effortlessly. And Audrey Tautou was great, too.
Great film!

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