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May 27 2004

Playboy plays a Dozen Dirty Questions with Charisma. Adult content warning.

Funny. She certainly isn't being shy here! And er, about her ever having had sex in a public place...."Yes. At an Oscar party in the bathroom"

Well...there's a visual that'll stick by me for a while. I wonder who it was. Oscar party....coulda been anyone....
I was looking at the pictorial a few days ago (to my friends at Borders, thanks for the open copy) and Charisma states how "shy" she is. I mean I'm starring at her (quite lovely) nipple and she is talking about how "shy" she is. All I could think was that her definition of "shy" is far differant from mine, and probably the majority of the human race.
Well, she was.....showing the entire world her naked know, in a shy way.....uh.....
I thought her pictorial was amazing and gorgeous! I always thought Cordy had the most beautiful face and figure of anyone in the Buffyverse. *envy*

But those questions were just stooopid. Bleah, left a bad taste in my mouth.
I'm still stuck on the sex in a bathroom at an Oscar party.
There's nothing wrong with sex in a bathroom at a oscar party! not that i would know anything about it......Who's up for scrabble?
A lot of actors claim to be shy when they are themselves, but once they have a character to hide behind it's a whole other matter.

Maybe she was playing the part of "Naked in Playboy Charisma" and not "Everyday Charisma" who has sex in the bathroom at Oscar parties...
Of all the women you appeared with on Buffy and Angel, who would you most like to film a girl-on-girl scene with?

CC: I've never thought about it. I don't want anybody to feel left out. Well, I think Stephanie Romanov is pretty beautiful and sexy. She'd be a good choice.

Damn you, Joss Whedon. Start asking your actresses for storylines.
Re: Well, I think Stephanie Romanov is pretty beautiful and sexy. She'd be a good choice.

Umm. Wow? I'm a married chick and my mind just went to an interesting place. And exploded, I think.
*raises hand*

Which bathroom: Men or Women? I'll be in my bunk.
Well, I'm at work so I don't think that this is a good site for me to go to(though the James Marsters sites are juuuuuust fine!), but I'll just say, as a married chick, Stephanie Romanov? Not really doing it for me. Eliza Dushku maybe.....Yeah, if I had to, she'd be my pick. She's the hottest gal in all of Whedonland.......I mean, not counting Firefly, because Inara(sp?) was gorgeous.
FWIW, Charisma isn't the only "Buffy" alumnus to have been interviewed by Playboy, as Alyson was interviewed by Playboy when she was promoting American Pie 2.
Thanks, Oddjob, I love reading about Alyson and Alexis' sex life, LOL. It makes me so jealous! She's a lucky girl.
Just read the Allyson Hannigan thing. The friend she mentions who broke a guys nose with her pelvic bone. That... that is a little image I didn't need in my head.

And the female cast of BTVS seems really into giving oral sex. It's something I've always considered an excellent quality in a girlfriend. Right up there with sense of humor.:)
Unitas - LOL! That comment made my day. Tell us, baby, if you had to choose...
I think Joss read Aly's interview and decided that Wesley had to die this season, because Alexis just has it too good!! Skin touching.....sparks.....oral sex....yeah, Alexis is a happy guy! So NOT Wesley.
I read these posts and just laugh so hard - Thank you all for making my day a more fun!
"But those questiong were just stooopid"- Willow

Im guessing ur a girl. And I dont mean that in a rude way, but, damn, Willowy...what'd you expect from a PLAYBOY interview. Some physics theories which only the likes of one(1) Winifred Burkle could explain?
Its PLAYBOY- they gotta do what they do best

PuppetCancer out

[ edited by Puppet Cancer on 2004-05-29 00:49 ]
Ha Ha! You got me there!

I guess I was just projecting what I would want to ask her, you know? Because she's our Cordy?

I do that a lot.
I hear ya. But PLAYBOY dont care about that. they just want the T N A. BTW- shes MY Cordy

Puppet Cancer out
Ahem. So sorry, I'll try to remember that for the future... ;)
Puppet Cancer, please don't keep signing your posts. Sigs aren't allowed here.

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