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May 29 2004

Buffy Animated Voice Work. TV Tome has got news on who might be playing Buffy in the series. Unfortunately it's not Sherilyn Fenn.

But I just would like to say that I'll give her a chance, even if i would prefer SMG

And come on guys! What a beautiful smile!

I'm thinking there's probably no new information that has made them post this news, the person at TVTome probably just figured that since she did the voice for the games, she's the logical choice to do the voice for the cartoon. She's probably a likely candidate though.

Not mentioned in this article, but did David Boreanaz provide Angel's voice in the first Buffy game, because recent statements by him would make it seem like he wouldnt be interested in the cartoon, that a big screen movie is the only thing that would bring him back. I also doubt Michelle will voice Dawn, as she reckons season 7 Dawn was too young for her. Strange how Alyson is one of the confirmed people, yet we had to put up with that terrible stand in in Chaos Bleeds.
NB said that it was going to be the girl who did the voice for the video games, at the Meadowlands con.
Hey ok again a stolen article of that was posted first on slayerverse. has success with its tactics if u consider that it gets always a whedonesque link without doing anything. Perhaps the webmaster at slayerverse should also start stealing.... And I know the webmaster there and he told me that most of the texts written were created by himself just like the warning that tvtome is not a reliable source etc and it is just unfair that links are still allowed here on whedonesque although everyone knows that every. single. news. stolen.from.other.sites. :-(

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Yeah that smile is going to sound awesome.

I'm gonna need something far more substantial before I start believing these animated series rumors again. Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me, and I've already been disappointed by this idea once before.
Well I read that this came from TV Tome, so I'll point to the TV Tome page. And willow1997 calm down on the bashing, most of us share your thoughts on that site but we don't go in for bashing other sites.
Ghost spike, i'm sure alyson would have voiced chaos bleeds if she had been available but at the time i understand she was doing Buffy, filming over on angel as well as doing american wedding.Both david and charisma provided vocals for the first buffy game and david has also lent his voice to the character of squall in the video game kingdom there is hope yet.
willow1997, reporting news on the Buffyverse isnt a pissing contest.
I think David would do it...if it wasn't the Angel character. Due to his recent interviews...he makes it very clear that Angel is pretty much dead. I really hope he and Charisma would do it, hopefully she won't put pride before this. I really hope if asked, they both say yes. As for SMG I heard she liked doing that Simpsons guest appearance, so why wouldn't she do this? And as for Michelle Trachtenberg, I mean for her age group, she has to compete with so many more popular actresses. She shouldn't turn down this offer, if it is offered to her. But more importantly, does anyone know who will voice Joyce, or Snyder. And what if Harmony, Jenny, Jonathan, or Oz are in this. Will the actors who played them reprise their roles? I'm sure whatever happens will work out fot the best...I just hope the best means all of the original Buffy cast will return. Oh and that actress who did Willows voice for the Chaos Bleeds game wasn't to awful, she did sound a lot like meek, season 1 Willow. But if you want to hear something really bad, listen to Anya's voice for the Chaos Bleeds video that was just wrong!
I thought the person doing the voice of Willow in Chaos Bleeds did an awful job! Yeah, she sounded like Willow - on drugs!! I found a seeecret!!! The girl doing Anya was also the girl who did Buffy in both games. I thought she did a great job in the first game and an okay job in the second game as Buffy and was horrible as Anya. The first game was set back in the high school days so she would definitely be a good choice for Buffy for that. The Anya voice was so bad that it made me wonder if they had an actress lined up to do it and she quit at the last minute so they just had that Giselle do both Buffy and Anya. I will say that the girl doing Willow at least attempted to sound like her but just talked way too slow to carry it off.

As for other people reprising their roles, well, I think if SMG and DB wanted to end their roles on the show, I don't really think they'd again want to do it for the cartoon. Nothing wrong with that, I don't blame them or resent them for it, I just don't think they'd be interested. SMG did guest on The Simpsons but that's just one episode.

And it would also depend on what other projects people have going on because wouldn't doing the voice overs for the cartoon be time consuming if it's a full season worth of shows? SMG has several movies in the works right now so I think she genuinely will be too busy (and again, I just don't think she'd want to do it anyway because, well, if she did, why would she have quit BtVS in the first place?!).

I really don't care if any of the cast actually comes back because I'm hoping they'll all be off being very successful in their careers but I just hope they get people who sound like the characters.

The funny thing is, I knew DB and CC did their own voices in the first Buffy game but I really didn't think they sounded like themselves and had to check at the end of the game to see if it really was them. So again, someone who just sounds like the character and gets the feel of the characters voice would be good enough for me - that is, as Zachsmind pointed out, if this really does happen.
Come on! Don't they realize voice over work is the best. You seriously don't even have to get dressed, brush your hair or anything. get major cash for it.

I'm tired of these people who look down on the voice work... and think it's...low.

I find it fun. ^.^
And just a comment about sites posting other peoples stuff. I'm just happy that there are sites out there that seek out this stuff so I have a source to all things Whedon. I know of a lot of sites that carry some news and a lot of them have the same articles but it took me awhile to find all these great sites. My point is, some people may only know of as their main source or Whedonesque or Slayerverse. I'd rather see stuff posted all over the place so I don't miss something newsworthy than just one site hording all the good news. It's the World Wide Web and it's here for people to find the information they seek.
I saw this on their site last week so I'd take it with a pinch of salt. No telling how long it was there.
This really has no relevance, but I was just thinking it would be pretty cool if SMG and maybe even DB would do cameo voiceovers. Find someone that sounds like them for the actual character of Buffy and Angel, but maybe create a character, some Big Bad, for them to do the voice of for an episode or two. If they wanted to. This way they aren't obligated to anything permanent, but they still have that involvement that the fans will find interesting.

Sadly, I'm realizing that's very much like the Sabrina cartoons. Melissa Joan Hart played Sabrina in the live action series, but did the voices of the aunts in the cartoons. (Her real-life sister voiced Sabrina.) But the geek in me actually likes that idea, because I like picking up those connections. They could do something similar with the Buffy cartoons, just creating a character that isn't involved as frequently. Like... D'Hoffryn.

I'm with you, Rogue, voice work seems like it would be fun. They don't know what chance they might be passing up!
While sharing information is good, proper attribution is important.
Whoever they get, they could always use SMG as the voice of a Buffybot. I can just hear someone saying "She may look like me, but she sounds totally different", because that would be, like, irony or something.

Also, willowzbitch: I'd forgotten DB did kingdom hearts, but I remember recognising it while I had it out on rental and having a "hmm, that sounds a lot like angel" moment. It's a strange wee game, that one.
Rogue- She has a very good point. Voice over acting is the easiest. They could get the actors in for one day, throw em out. See them next week, throw em out, and this could go on for a few months while they did other projects, I mean the people who do voice work for the simpsons do so many other guest appearances on TV shows and also do movies, and in a cartoon series it is not normally a full 22 episode season. It's more like 10-15. Unless its an anime show...those can go on forever.

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Anthony Stuart Head - Rupert Giles (Unconfirmed)
Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles (Unconfirmed)

Hey! Who's this Anthony Stuart Head guy? Is he Evil Giles, with ASH playing Good Giles?

Oh, the humanity!

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