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May 30 2004

'Dark Shadows' project would be perfect for Joss says a columnist. Words fail me on this one.

He has a point. It's mostly out of desperation. I, too, want some Joss on my TV, at least once a week. Addiction is an ugly thing, and when you've been reduced to reading fanfic written by sixth graders, it's hard to look up and say, "I remember ... there was once a TV show about this ... that was when livin' was good ..."
No offense to the author of this article, but Joss Whedon already had a "Dark Shadows." In fact, he had something inherently better than "Dark Shadows."

Spare me.
"Campy and vampy" isn't anywhere near how I would describe Joss's style. I understand the desperation of wanting a Joss show on television, but I'd rather have something of his own creation than a terrible remake of an old show.
Huh, now? I thought that "Lost" and "Dark Shadows" were infact NOT going to air?
And, have we marveled that the WB is bringing back not only “Lost in Space” with Doug Petrie’s and John Woo’s Robinsons: Lost in Space but Dark Shadows as well?
Which one of us missed the memo, me or her? Last I heard none of the above projects are going to see the light of day on the WB. Am I missing some sarcasm in that article that exhaustion is preventing me from seeing?
Christopher: Oh, yay, not just me. I feel slightly saner now.
Not to mention the fact that Doug Petrie parted company with 'Lost' before it even had the chance to not be picked up. This person should perhaps read the articles on the internet a little more than tryingto write one with month old info. What's next will we have to break it to them that the world is round???
Joss my love, I’m very happy about the “Serenity” movie, but I need you in my house every week so if not this, then find a TV project, please.

I agree with this. I need my Jossverse in my house every week.

He really does need to make a new TV show...just for us fans. Of course when he gets the time.
First off the DS characters are not his own. Therefire, he wouldn't be interested. JW like to write original stuff. Second, Buffy and Angel did not come off as "SOAPY" as the original DS series. Darkshadows is more of a soap.

Not his cup of tee and not his type of show.
Yeah he wouldnt want to do it in the first place.And ITs not even going to be on anyway.I hate these people that write new articles with old news, thats where all those false rumors bout Angel getting picked up came from.
Well I notice everyone saying Joss needs a new about Fray? Who wouldn't want to see a Fray series. It would bring in entirely new actors and I think it will do a lot better than Firefly, since now people realize the value of Joss's work. But if such a show was created and it didn't do well, there would always be that movie possibilty...
Fray wouldn't work as a TV series - It would be too expensive. But in a recent interview, David Fury did mention that there has been interest in a Fray movie.
David Fury said that? I missed that. That would be awesome. Are they thinking something animated or live action?
David Fury said, in a recent interview with Dreamwatch magazine, "There has always been interest in doing Fray as a movie." and have scans.
Well anything involving Fray would really work. She's a perfect addition to the Jossverse and it would be great to see Joss gain more recognition for this, beyond what the comic did. I also heard that Joss is considering a Fray 2. Anyone hear any news on this?
Joss has said that he wants to do a Fray volume 2, but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.
I dunno, I think it could happen. With a whole lot more time on his hands (after the Firefly movie) ofcourse, and the new.. deadlines for his other comics that he'll be used to, I think he could make the Fray 2 work very quickly.

Unfortunately, I've only read up to the 3rd comic of Fray and need to really catch up.
But in a recent interview, David Fury did mention that there has been interest in a Fray movie.

Yay! This makes me all kinds of happy.

I know, I've said it before, but the perfect person to play Melaka is ... Fairuza Balk! She's got the talent, 'tude, and the eyes for it. Can't you just see her with the punk pink-and-purple dyejob and nosestud already?
I could see Fairuza Balk, but isn't she getting older? Maybe they might cast some young unknown. Also to Christopher- You should look into buying the entire Fray series, its available in one book now and it's only $20, it's really worth it.

This guy wants Joss Whedon to be a part of the creative team for "Dark Shadows" ? ? ?

gee...he must be a real dedicated fan to the Buffy-verse.
Do I hafta point out my SARCASM or can we all just taste it ? ? ?

PuppetCancer out
me, the "BIG C" again.

Wiseblood- Faruza Balk as Melaka Fray, huh ? ? ? I KINDA dig it. She mos def has the look(and eyes,mmm)and I dont think playing the (IMO)semi-bratty,punky FRAY would be much of a stretch for her. Shes made some interesting choices.

Thing is, she might be a lil' too old. I remember her being Dorothy in "Return to Oz" and that was back in the day, when I was just an ankle piece(24 now) so if she aint there yet, shes gotta be pushing thirty. But yeah, I think if she was younger shed be an awesome Meleka.

The other thing is that we know who she is. I think shed be too popular for the character. One thing Ive always dug about BTVS and ATS is that they always had relatively unknowns playing these characters. Sure, everyone knows who SMG and Allyson Hannigan are now, but back then we didnt(unless you watch soaps)for some reason I think its sorta commendable of Joss and CO to have hired "no names" so to speak, rather than taking the easy way out and getting big names attached. IMO, Eliza Dushku and Seth Green were the most recognizable to jump into the verse. Other than that, Buffy and Angel has seemed like a stepping stone for the actors. I dont know if way back in 96 or 99(Angel) that this was a conscious descision on ME's part, but I woudnt want them to change whatever formulas they got. Nonetheless, Im all for a Fray show-movie. who knows, maybe(if it was conceivable) Spike or Angel, and some other "Undead Americans/foreigners" could pop up.

Puppet Cancer out....again
If I recall correctly from my Fray TPB, Melaka's look is actually based on Natalie Portman in The Professional. Get her all punked up and it could be interesting...
Interesting. I've never heard that. Natalie Portman's awesome.
PC - Eliza Dushku really wasn't famous until after BtVS and Bring It On.
IG- sincer we're sparring, I didnt say she was famous-"most recognizable"

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