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May 30 2004

IMDB Daily Poll. A mention on the main page for the Firefly/Serenity movie with the daily poll asking what other TV show should hit the big screen.

Unsuprisingly BtVS and Ats are options. Vote Now!

(Edited the poll URL as it's now in the archive section)

I couldn't decide between Buffy or Angel but I chose Buffy. X-Files is winning which makes me mad because they are already making a movie. Plus they already had a movie, give someone else a shot!

Go Buffy!
Quantum Leap is currently beating out Buffy? Bizarre.
I guess the same could be said about Buffy... there already is a Buffy movie, though it'd be nice to see a real Buffy movie.

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Sports Night is one of my favorite shows ever, but honestly, a Sports Night movie is one of the weirdest ideas I have ever heard.
Yeah the Sports Night option threw me off a bit. Same for Friends, I just don't see either of those as films. Nor want to.

Although Buffy is my favorite of the two, I'd rather see an Angel movie to find out what happened after the finale.
I'd rather see an Angel film because Buffy has never struck me as particularly cinematic, while Angel is directed like noir. TV noir, mind you, but the leap to the big screen would be more comfortable and the characters would look better there, I think.
I picked Angel, cause really, if we get one, we also get the other I would assume. Meaning, if we get an Angel movie, it would also be a Buffy movie with characters from each show. Same universe and all.
The two shows are splitting the Buffyverse vote. This is one of those polls that I would have wanted to pick more than just one.
BtVS & Angel should've been one vote because any possible movie will most likely be about both shows together and this does end up splitting the vote.
If you add the scores for Buffy and Angel then it's a clear winner. No one else comes close.

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