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November 05 2002

(SPOILER) When Seth met Kelley or how it came to be that a certain band are appearing on tonight's episode of BtVS.

It's a blink and you'll miss it appearance. It's a weird episode for music anyway, lots of songs in it.
this appearance is so nothing—and still getting so much buzz. i don't get the big deal. makes me wish for THC's magnificent work as "shy" in "wild at heart." i loved how the music amplified the epsisode's characters.
i don't know. i think i was just a little too aware of the music. it seemed a bit distracting at times.
it was good, and seemed appropriate for the mood of the show... but i think the lyrics were tripping over the dialogue. i kept thinking "which should i listen to? i know everything's important in this show... and that it relies really heavily on metaphor and symbolism... are these emo songs playing a bigger part than i usually give buffy music credit for?"
i decided yes. rewatched. it's interesting, if you don't listen to what the characters were saying and listen to the lyrics instead... almost like an entirely different dialogue.
Agreed. The Coldplay song in particular grated lyrically.
I remember seeing the one shot where you actually see the band, and the song was not one of the better ones I've heard from them. It sounded completely undanceable. I had to laugh when it cut to a panning scene where we see extras actually dancing before the camera moved to the shows main three characters of Buffy, Xander & Willow. It seemed very forced, to work this band into the show for those few seconds.

I would have much preferred if they actually showed The Breeders playing the show's theme song, and then cutting to the three main characters, completely oblivious to the fact that this was "their" song. It would've worked much better.

It is good to know that at least indirectly, Seth Green's still affecting the series.
See, I totally thought that they would have the Breeder's playing the BtVS theme song, and then show Buffy, Willow and Xander---and maybe have someone make a comment about the song, I don't know 'being lame' or do a Dick Clark Dance Scale reference or something---I was totally disappointed in their appearance. :(

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