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June 01 2004

David Fury to Be a Co-Executive Producer on JJ Abram's "Lost". An update by Allyson from The Phoenix Board.

Ah, neat. That JJ Abrams guy is smart as all get-out when it comes to hiring.

I can just imagine him reading the cancellation news and saying, "Well, that's the WB's loss..."
I'm glad for these people, really, but I don't see how this show's premise can work or last very long. Then again, that was all said for Buffy aswell.

abrams grabs Fury, Edlund and Goddard

what a gun

i hope Lost makes it to Australia, it sounds like it will be a great show
Don't you mean Bell, aapac
Excellent! This is one of the shows on my short must-watch list for next season. I'm looking forward to it.
I must have missed Edlund going to Lost or Alias? There is sooo little I'm interested in next season that Lost will make the Tivo season pass thing just by the strength of it's writers.
Oh yes, I meant Bell

Edlund hasn't annouced his movement to another else yet, but AICN reported he was being chased by someone

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