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June 01 2004

BBC on "Buffy Animated". The BBC interview Jeph Loeb about the possible new spin-off. Sounds like it's definitely happening.

Just wondering, is it a spin-off, or a re-imagining, or what?

From what I've gathered, its all-new adventures of Season 1 Buffy with Dawn thrown into the mix. So, probably a total lack of arc, but hey, I'll watch.
We're thrilled to have Alyson (Willow), Nick (Xander) and Tony (Giles) on board so far. There are still some surprises that we'll talk about at a later date.
Okay, anyone else just dying in anticipation over that?
Sounds cool.

Now if someone could do a Manga Angel series, violent and bloody and dark, were on a roll:D
Don't you know? Joss has cloned himself so he can take care of all parts of his empire. Trust us, there ain't gonna be no Buffy Animated without Joss getting ink and paint all over his hands.

Ha! I think sometimes that if he could, Joss would clone himself so he could get all the work done that he wants to do.
Just a question to Simon and Caroline, isn't it time to give this its own catagory? I know nothing has been officially, officially confirmed, but Ripper has its own catagory
This greatly makes up for those Angel movie rumors. And we get our Buffy back. Those surprises...I want to know! It's good to know that we can see the Buffyverse in some form next year.
not to nitpick on anyones mistakes. I realize you all cant be as knowledgeable as me. HEH. Just kidding, guys......

OR AM I !? !? !?

But I tend to believe that this is not just a re-telling of the first season; I think its the first three. Ive seen some sketched(via WHEDON-ESQUE of course) and saw some drawings for Snyder.

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Snyder was in the first season. Principal Flutie died in "The Pack", and ever since then there was Snyder. So they could be doing a season-one only series, or they're doing all of the high school years. Just because Snyder exists in the cartoon doesn't mean much about the timeline.
I think Joss said something about possibly revisiting other seasons, but the series would at least start out in the first season. He has said specifically that they'd know Angel was a vampire, but other than that only "first season" has been given as a time period. Although Eric Wight, a character designer, claimed the series would take place during the third season, but I think he was confused.
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