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June 01 2004

Could Buffy thesp be Elvis? Larry Bagby III is poised to join the cast of Walk the Line, Fox's biopic of late country singer Johnny Cash.

It may be stretching the Buffyverse tie a bit, but I find little things like this interesting.

No, this isn't stretching it at all. He was in quite a few episodes and was a well liked character. Glad to hear he may have a gig lined up.
Someone at says it isn't Elvis he'll be playing.

"Hi there. I do the website for Larry Bagby and he told me that he booked the part of Marshall Grant the Bass (Stand-up) player who was part of the Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two."
It may be stretching the Buffyverse tie a bit, but I find little things like this interesting.

No stretch. As mini-character arcs go, Larry had one of the better ones in the Buffy-verse, in my humble opinion. Can't think of any other minis right now, but I'm sure his ranks among the best nonetheless!
Another really good mini-character arcs is Justine's. I wish she'd had a little more time (just as I wished for Larry) -- the mark of a compelling character.
Larry = one of my favourite characters. And from the other replies so far, I don't think anyone's going to label the ties to the Buffyverse as stretched!

And this is the first I've heard of Walk the Line, but it sounds neat. Looking forward to it!
I wonder what the Amy stunt rat is filming now. :-)
A Buffyverse actor in a movie about one of my favorite artists? Cool.
I don't know why this character made such an impression on fans. Maybe because we knew his backstory, his grandmother was trying to find him a boyfriend, for gosh sakes! And then he died. But if I get excited noticing him in commercials, I'd like to see him acting, too.
Hee hee, I notice him in commercials too! Has anyone else noticed Kristine Sutherland in a car commercial? It's the brand that does the "Zoom, Zoom" ones and there's a girl sitting at a pottery wheel and she just starts hitting the pedal really hard so the clay goes flying all over the room. Kristine is the one that gets the clay on her face. At least we think it's her. It happens so fast but my daughters and I are convinced it's her.

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No stretch! I looooove Larry. I only realized recently how much I really like that actor when I re-watched "Dopplegangland". I am so very psyched that he is in a movie about Johnny Cash.

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