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June 02 2004

Wizard World East coverage. City of Angel covers the Eliza Q & A, and there's news about the Angel trading cards and figures. Is Puppet Angel being released, you ask? Well you never know.

Eliza--great and gracious as always. Definitely worth reading for the other Eliza fans out there.
Ooh, fantastic. Having actually attended this, I was hoping to find a more in-depth transcript than what was offered on the Wizard site.

There still seems to be a few questions missing, but nothing substantial. Like when someone asked what her favorite cuss word was, and she said she was Mormon and tried to not use those words. (Then later slipped and read outloud the 'F*ck censorship' shirt, quickly covering her mouth.) The questions are grouped out of order. Oh, and the 'Duckshoot' question isn't there, which led to her story of meeting Mewes. But that's my own personal nitpick of wanting to have everything included. ;)

Still, a very cool rundown listing almost everything.
Thank you, Simon!
well god knows they actually have to release them

i'm still waiting for my darla, lorne and wesley from like 3 years back
Thank goodness this Q&A seemed to have turned out better than the previous one at the Comic-Con...
Why must they tease me with the possibility of a Puppet Angel? I would shell out big bucks for one of those, it'd be like a dream come true. And I'm guessing that the surprise Darla may be a pregnant version.
Actually, a lot of people on the BTVS Figs board are thinking it's going to be ILLYRIA. I think that fits with Scott (DST) describing the surprise as a "fan favorite" that they DIDN'T want dead. I know it works for me! I was emailing DST by the second or third Illyria appearance that I wanted her as an action figure. And wasn't there speculation (here somewhere?) that Amy Acker had already gone through a body scan for the figure making process with DST?

edit* Ah yes, someone on the boards pointed out that there was a remark made in the Dreamwatch magazine that yes, indeed, Amy Acker had a body scan done while in her Illyria costume! Woo and hoo!

While Puppet Angel - felt version - would be tres cool, I definitely want Illyria before that!

I have no doubts DST will get around to releasing Darla, Lorne and Wesley. They are making money hand over fist with the current Willow figs, the Anya and Tara presales are selling out...the only reason the D, L and W figures have been delayed is because Moore Action Collectibles was horrible at getting stuff out on time and lost orders. Great at sculpting and that, but horrible on the business end. Since DST took that end over things have been great - from what I've heard from other figure collectors, there's been nothing but praise for DST.

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In case anyone is interested, someone did make an Illyria action figure. I saw a link to where it was auctioning on ebay. It's probably sold now.

Here is the link:

I so want it.
Not too shabby. I especially like the description: I chopped off Sydney's feet and large bosom.

Arrgh, I didn't think of Illyria. I would love an Illyria action figure, but if it was a choice between that and Puppet Angel I'd definitely go with the latter. Oh well, can't we get both?

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