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November 05 2002

(SPOILER) Tom Lenk (aka Andrew) questioned by Sci Fi Wire in a short interview.

"I'm coming back for sweeps," Lenk said in an interview. "I'll be back, and some major, very shocking stuff happens, and then I'll be doing some more episodes after that."

I'm still hoping for Jonathan (who comes back also) and Clem to join forces and fight evil.

Long live Clem! BTW, When is Clem going to have his own series? How about Clem the Couch Potato or The Skin Files? Make it a demon-filled comedy sitcom.
This may be a bit off topic, but when last we left Clem, he was helping Dawn at Ratt's lair, and just disappeared after that. We never saw where he went. Dark Willow showed up as did Buffy. Guess he figured it was getting too hot to handle in there and did that Snagglepuss "Exit! Stage Left!" thing.

Clem was also supposed to be looking out after Spike's pad. Why can't Spike just go back to his old crypt? I don't understand that. Did Clem get kicked out by the demon landlord or something?

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